Thinning out MIDI CCs on only a selected range

Is there a way to thin out MIDI CC data on only a selected range? Right now I seem to only be able to do so on the entire active track using the MIDI editing menu.


Unfortunately this works for the whole MIDI Part.

But you could make own Logical Editor Preset:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1 | Equal | _your_CC_Nr | And
Last Event | Every other Event |  Event counter | 2/D-2)

Action Target


This one would delete every 2nd MIDI CC event of the selected range. If you would apply it twice one after the other, you would get every 4th event only at the end.

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Ahhh, I see. Ok. Nice workaround! Thank you for the hint! Will give it a shot right away.

It does work, and thanks Martin. I swear in versions past I could highlight the cc nodes and thin only what’s highlighted, but one day I thinned and the entire track was thinned out. So having this LE preset will really help.

Would you know how to actually target ‘Last Event’.

For selected, I want to delete everything between the first CC node and the last CC node. It doesn’t seem like there is an actual ‘Last Event’ protocol?