Third Party Bonus Plugins not yet received

I have bought the upgrade from C11Pro to C13Pro but I still have not received the vouchers for the extra plugins of the Promotion.

I am a bit worried because two things are mentioned.

  1. It might take 24 hours for them to show up on the Vouchers tab on the user’s account
  2. The plugins are redeemable until the 28th of April.

So we might not be able to redeem them? This is a bit riduclous.

Thanks for any replies in advance

It looks like the offer got extended?
I checked my Vouchers via My Steinberg account and now the codes show that they are available until May 26th, so I guess they extended it a month to avoid this issue so you might still be able to get them.

I just checked earlier and you are right! It was making sense to have a 4 week extension. Alles Gut!