Third Party MIDI inserts

Drop the VST-MA or make a VST-MA wrapper so we can use third party MIDI inserts without having to manage them as VSTi’s and make complicating routing. There’s some cool 3rd party MIDI inserts out there like midi curve modifiers and stuff.

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+1 big time. Open this up. Make it easily scriptable too, like Logic’s Java MIDI processing.

Cubase’s Transformer is powerful but it certainly has its limitations that could be overcome in such a way.

+1 on midi plugins and scripting. I really don’t get why Cubase doesn’t have more script/api/macro abilities. Heck, if I could write my own toolbars, piano-roll features I would!!

More control = :slight_smile:

is this what you mean?
Please allow VST Midi FX to be included in Midi Inserts Menu

++1 on Java scripting!
I’ve asked for this for a years, hopefully they will listen. I really like how Bitwig allows you to drop plugins in any order. The double track routing thing is a pain. I’m surprised Studio One didn’t allow dropping in midi VST’s in their NoteFX area of their multi-instrument rack…

Isn’t the point of this request to allow 3rd party midi inserts without using VST effects or instruments to do it?

Yup, it’s a mess.



Hope this happens in Cubase 9!

There are just so many VSTi midi fx out there.
Here is a partial list (and many are free):[]=79#results[]=36#results

Yes you can use the VST midi fx on the instrument track but many like
myself find it much easier to use them in the way MFX are used.

see my post:

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I have a vague memory that, in the olden days (pre- Cubase SX) this was possible… at least on PC, but there was no availability on Mac.
The current routing is a real headache (often in order to achieve a very simple MIDI modification).

If Cubase allows VST midi FX (actually VSTi midi fx) to be used interchangeably with the Cubase proprietary MFX and the MFX Cakewalk style that would be great. The MFX specifications may have to be altered to accommodate VST’s?

Better yet make an MFX modular environment that can host all the MFX and the VST midi fx. This will be my preference. What I mean by modular environment is something like Bidule that can host both MFX and VST midi fx. Yes I have requested that Bidule be made into an MFX (Cakewalk) that can host both MFX and VST’s. In this case it will will only have a midi input and output and no audio input and output.

Here is a partial list of VST midi fx:[]=79#results and[]=36#results Now these VST midi fx are put in the VSTi track which is fine for some but many like myself prefer that the VST midi FX be available as inserts.

Keep in mind that many of the VST midi effects are free.

If Cubase allows total integration of VST midi fx into MFX it will bring many of the midi fans to start using this wonderful DAW. This includes me.


PLEASE make this happen before Studio One gets it done…

Totally, please make this sort of usages easier. I would be ok if it was limited to Instrument Racks.


+1 to the original post. Most DAWs now support 3rd party MIDI inserts in VST / AU format - time for Cubase to catch up with the crowd.


one of the few reasons I’m still jealous of Logic users…