Third party music fonts

Hi all.

Haven’t been here in a while. I’m just wondering does anyone have experience with Klemm music’s “November” music font? As much as I love Bravura, I’d like a little more aesthetic options for my scores aside from just the standard text font, and since there’s medieval notehead and stems in “November” (I want to put one of my choir scores into a Medieval style just for fun) I’ve been considering picking up a license. Does anyone here use it or have experience with it?

Yes, I own it and have used it on a few projects, and if you search the forum for November2 (which is the name of the font) you’ll find various results from other people. Don’t assume that everything will work out, though: just because the glyphs are there, it doesn’t mean that Dorico can actually use them. For example, there’s a long thread about straight flags (which are hardcoded in Dorico), and I seem to remember that Dorico doesn’t really have the means to put the notehead to the left of a downstem.

I use and love it, except for the “p.”

Heh. Fools seldom differ, Dan :wink:

Indeed they do.

It would be very useful if someone could confirm what works and what doesn’t work with November 2 in Dorico Pro3…I presume you must be able to use down stem voices by now…or? Btw, I must agree, the P is particularly dreadful!

There’s no problem with downstem voices (and never has been) which have the note head on the right of the stem. But for contemporary notation or hign skilled tweaking there are limitations. And the piano marking.

Curiously, November2 lacks a glyph for the Longa note.

There’s also MTF-Cadence, which currently is available as a SMuFL-compliant font, but currently has a limited number of glyphs. A revised version with more glyphs is planned.

By the way, I just noticed that MTF has some more fonts for Dorico (Beethoven, Cadence and Scorlatti). I can’t see them in the list of compatible fonts in the Steinberg web site, but they seem to work fine in Dorico 3.1.


MTF-Cadence has been SMuFL-compatible for some time, though the current version (v2.0) is a limited subset – no breath articulations for Patagonian nose-flutes. However I understand that a larger set of glyphs may be in the works… :wink:

It’s also been reported that November2 lacks the square brackets for accidentals.