Third party plugin update feature

I wish DAW-makers and plugin manufacturers would collaborate on a database of plugins with plugin version info provided by manufacturers so the DAW could access it. It could be automated by an RSS-feed (or something similar) with a basic framework and minimal effort for the DAW-maker.

The DAW would then be able to list the installed third party plugins together with version info + available updates and perhaps even let let you click on a link to get the latest version. This way, the DAW could even warn if a plugin is outdated or might cause stability problems and so on.

In a best case scenario the DAW would even let you download and install the latest version straight into the DAW.
This could potentially even let the DAW-maker create a marketplace inside the DAW and sell plugins/sounds, let you download demos etc.

Updating and maintaining third party plugins (and software in general) is getting quite annoying and time consuming.
The ultimate irony must be when you have to update the updater before you can update your plugins. :smiley:

The whole idea is probably a pipe dream but wouldn’t it be nice?