Third party plugins would not load even I rescan folders

I have the new update on a omen that has 16 of ram, i7 7th gen, that was working pretty good. All of the sudden if does not open unless I deactivate the 3rd party plugins. Do you know how could I possibly fix this?
Windows 10

Didn’t make a plug-in/VSTi update, recently ?

Anyway, as a first attempt, and after having started Cubase with the third-party plug-ins deactivated, I would go immediatly in the Studio>VST plug-in manager window and look in the Blocklist pane if there isn’t something that could give you a hint about an eventual third-party culprit…

EDIT : sorry, bad advice. Here, when using the Deactivate third-party plug-ins option, all of them disappear from the VST Plug-in manager window lists, Blocklist items included (I have normally one left, as it’s a 32 bits version of an installed VSTi - it no longer appears, in this case). As I never had to use this option until now…

Hope someone will chime in with a more relevent idea… :blush: