First of all I am totally new to Steinberg and and really liking WaveLab8. I have been in Protools world for a good number of years and have a PT11 HDX AAX system for tracking and mixing. I want to finalize on WaveLab! I have many plugins that I use with Protools (Sonnox, McDSP, Toontracks, Eventide, Lexicon, Soundtoys, etc). Can I use these plugins with WaveLab8?

I noticed that WaveLab8 automatically recognized my EZMIX plugins from Toontracks. I figured that there would be some way of mapping or navigating from WaveLab to my existing plugins. Problem is that with Protools11 I can no longer find my plugin folder!!! Even if I could find the folder, I am not sure how I would get WaveLab to access the plugins. This process is a bit challenging because I am an old analog guy. Thanks for your help

Can I use these plugins with WaveLab8?

If you have VST versions of these plugins, yes. Maybe you have them but did not install them?

I assume you’re on Mac because of McDSP.
Mac’s VST plugins usually go in HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST
If you have a custom location, you can specify it in Wavelab’s Options -> Plug-ins settings and add the folder location manually.
The plug-ins you mention usually have VST versions, some don’t.
PT11 AAX are 64 bits. I Don’t know if the installers install 64 bit VSTs and maybe you need 32 bit depending on your version of Wavelab. Check in "About Wavelab 8 " menu.

thanks that is a big help

And what about use in wavelab 8 Magneto II from Cubase 7.5?
I can’t do it?

I’m not able to load Magneto as a Wavelab plug-in either … it loads as a Cubase plug-in and it appears the .dll that loads (looking at the plug-in info in the Cubase device manager) is called cubasesetpluginset.vst3 which makes me think it is Cubase specific. I just upgraded to the 64-bit versions of Cubase and Wavelab … I did have Magneto in Wavelab 8 in the 32-bit versions. I logged on hoping to find an answer and I’ll keep looking but maybe this will help you. I hope there’s a way to use it in Wavelab.