Third party synthnames doesn´t show up in Inspector

Hi All!
I have some third party synths that doesn´t show up in Media Bay. Therefore it´s patchnames doesn´t show up in Program under the Inspector. Minor problem maybe, but I want to change the sounds from my midi keyboard and I can´t do that if the patches doesn´t show up under Inspector. One third party synth does show up ( Sylenth 1) together with Steinberg own synths. But Zebra 2, Podolsky and Alchemy has an empty Program window.
Any help appreciated!

… and yes, I have rescanned in Media Bay…

Zebra 2 and Podolski (I use both of these, but not the others you mentioned) have their own program management built-in, and these programs are not VST “compatible”. If you pick a program, in Podolski for example, you can choose save in the VST Preset manager (at the top of the plugin window), this program will now show up in the MediaBay as well as in the Inspector.