Third time since update to 13 I lost all remote midi assignments

Either it’s an issue or I’m doing something wrong here.
I have a midi device connected (Midi Fighter Twister) and assigned everything I need and set it to global. Opening a new project, everything as wanted and works like charm. And suddenly from pone day to another, all is gone. (a few are still ther for what ever reason)
This worked fine in C12 and now it’s the the time everything is blank.
Any idea?

Which Cubase functions are you loosing? I’ve previously reported that the Mixer Bank functions seem to get lost. Are you experiencing the same thing?

Hi Nico, I’m loosing Mute buttons, Volume knobs (but not all of them) and Send Return knobs (also not all). Quick Controls and Transport is still there. Seems kinda random. I opened an older projekt where I had it all saved with the (P) for Projekt. That still worked. I changed it again to Global and saved it under a new name and was able to open it in the new project. But I’m curious why am I loosing it all in the first place.

I now just saved the global settings and recall them, when it happens again. I thing it has to do with project settings overwriting global settings.

I just had every mapping lost on my control surface when I opened the project.
The cc values are seen but the mapping page has been cleared of all map settings.
Anyone have any thoughts?.
It has been working fine and then this morning the above happened…

I figured out, that it happened when I switched from project based mappings to global mappings. An issue still for sure, as it won’t go back to project based settings, when an older project is opened, it just somehow deletes or forgets the global ones. Saving the setting in the mapping window is a solution. Just reload the saved mapping when it happens.

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