This a new one, Pro-Q3 freeze

Hi, any chance some of you fine Steinberg gentlemen could take a look at this issue perhaps?
I have this project that, besides the usual horrendous ASIO guard crackliness, decided to repeteadly freeze and/or crash with a Fabfilter Pro-Q3 (sometimes, but not this one, a Slate VMB) error message, red alert box, ctrl/alt+del, full meltdown, the whole delicious routine that is now a full part of my professional life.
I am attaching a link to the DMP file and would decidedly appreciate it if anyone could hint me towards what’s going on.

Thank you so much!

If a 3rd party plugin causes a crash, the first thing you’d have to do is to contact the respective developer. Steinberg won’t be really able to help you here as they have no access to the code of the plugin, which probably caused it. Occasionally Fabfilter plugins crash here as well, but very very rarely. I’d bet the people at Fabfilter are gonna take a look at this.
Slate plugins are known to crash more often, but don’t expect them to help you, thats why I got rid of them and didn’t experience crashes anymore.

That makes sense, yes, thank you for replying!

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Easy, let us know if there are any updates!


I can confirm, the crash is in the plug-in.

This is how does the callstack look like:


Please, get in contact with th eplug-in vendor.

Thank you so much, Martin, will do!