This bug in Cubase Pro 13.0.21 Still exists in 13.0.30

Every once in a while I have this problem. (See image 1)

When I select one MIDI block in the project window it automatically selects another MIDI block on a different track. This only affects these two blocks. All the others, even other parts on the same two tracks are independent and separately editable. Opening the Key editor shows both tracks. Any edit I make to one of them affects the other (Delete, move, use scissors tool, transpose, etc.) There is no way to select or edit just one of them.

These tracks ARE playing the same part and the block (or maybe it was just the MIDI events) were copied from one track to the other. But they are playing two different instruments and are on different midi channels.

Sometimes if I drag one of the tracks to a different location, i.e. reorder the tracks in the project window, they will disconnect. Sometimes not.

BUT, if I glue the two Knifonium blocks together (see image 2) it is now separate from the Lead Guitar track. If I undo or recut the part back to the two events they are again connected like in image 1.

Sounds like you have accidentally Grouped them.

I’m not at Cubase to make sure but I think the Group & Ungroup commands are in the Edit menu.

I forgot the exact naming but you can copy and clone a part. A clone stays connected to the source part a copy not. Only the words are wrong now copy en clone. Maybe duplicate. Or… But you see the two options right away in the menu, and you can also unlink cloned parts, if you can find it in the manual.

Thanks for the responses!
Yes, I have already checked out group and ungroup and those have no effect on this problem. Gouping them puts the little icon in the upper right of the block and ungrouping removes it. But either way, the are connected when selecting one of them in the project window.
Before Cubase 13 there was no way to see these parts individually in the Key/List Editor. Now 13 has a work around as I can show/hide one or the other track. But there is still no way to move or edit one block in the project window without if affecting the other.

Aren’t these tracks in the folder? If so, you most likely have the “group edit” feature turned on.

Group Edit is not on. Plus there are many other MIDI blocks on those same tracks that are not connected when selecting one of them.

Even though Group Editing was turned off I was still getting multiple selections when clicking on a MIDI block in the Project window. However, having now moving all the tracks so that none of them are in folders, the problem has disappeared.
I don’t know if it’s a bug but even though I had not previously moved any tracks in or out of folders this problem seemed to change even while working on a project during a single session. But now Iafter removeing all tracks from folders, am having no problems.