This eLicenser number has already been registered (trying to upgrade to 12)

I have already activate my cubase 11 and it seems work well, howerver , I cant find my license pass on the web (My steinberg) and the activation manager, which likely make it fail to check the upgrade to cubase 12. I active 11 after last year november. Besides when i tried to input my elicense serial ,the web says it is alredy been activated by another user , im not sure if it is the problem.
Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 11 license is not present in the Steinberg Activation Manager. If you are talking about Cubase Pro or Artist, the license is stored on the USB-eLicenser. Please, register the USB-eLicenser to your MySteinberg account from the eLCC application.

Which one, please? Cubase 11 license has been used by you, already. Cubase 12 license is not activated by eLCC.

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then it seems that the problem is why the activation manager and web couldnt display my license.
my retalier only gave me the activation code for the elicenser.

There is no activation code for elicenser in C12…
The activation code should transform your license stored on the eLicenser to a license stored in Steinberg Licensing.
If you have registered your eLicenser already, it is not necessary to do it again.

exactly but you know i activated it after last year nov,so according to the policy and sale or what , ican upgrade 11 to 12 freely ,and that is all i want ,and where im stucked into.

And there are PLENTY of threads with all the instructions that have been posted since Cubase 12 came out. You would be already up and running had you done some work and bothered to read them.
Update the elicenser until the license says its eligible for an upgrade. Go into the Activation Manager, select the Grace Period Check, and then let it upgrade your license to the new system.