This forum seems to be lifeless...

The old lounge, back in the Wild West days, was filled to the brim with dedicated users and new music which everyone was willing to listen to and comment on. I know. I was the Jesse James of that old forum. Reviled by many, and loved by many others. I was a truly polarizing character. And we had some great times being all incorrect and funny and punchy and untethered.

Now, this place has become like a morgue. Lifeless. Not even a zombie presence. And the music I’ve heard so far is so completely uninspired that I struggle saying anything nice about it. Not sure if this was something caused by the mods or simply the fact that so many have moved on. I was banned a number of times for being who I am.

I would say that this place has died. And it’s likely (and sadly) a fitting demise.

Yeah, I miss the old days, too - good or not, people put up, listened well and shared. I don’t agree about the quality of the music, though. There is plenty of interesting work coming in, it’s just that I find it hard, timewise, to navigate through it all. From my own music point of view, the number of items I’ve offered up and received no replies for (maybe that’s telling me something too!) can be disappointing to say the least. If others feel the same then no wonder. It becomes a cyclic situation where in the end no-one says anything. Dead indeed!


my condoleances.

I used to contribute often as well. I’ve stopped partly because Cubase has ceased to work with my mixers (after spending so many hours of troubleshooting with Devs to fix the issue in when it first appeared in 7.5, only to be broken again in Cubase 10). I have also lost my will for musical expression since all forms of expression seems to be under attack these days. The worlds going down in a blaze and music just isn’t fun or a priority anymore. Maybe that’s how others feel and why this part of the forum is a ghost town.

Lol. I ain’t dead yet.

:smiley: This is a really interesting topic. Wasn’t this originally in the Made With Steinberg forum?

Maybe it’s just as well some of the people who were there in the old days left. In the old days in the Made With Steinberg forum, I posted a couple of songs and got pretty questionable feedback. “The tempo is too slow” on a slow blues.
“The rhythm guitar tone is wrong for your song because it doesn’t go with the Stevie Ray Vaughn lead guitar tone you’re using”. I played an SG, not a Stratocaster, and the last thing I wanted was for my original song to sound like yet another attempt to copy Stevie Ray Vaughn.

As for other forums here, I can remember more activity in the days when we were using Cubase SX3 or Cubase 4. But Cubase 10.5 is running pretty smoothly on my Windows 10 computer.

I also think a lot of users may be using the facebook Cubase pages since they’re on there posting other things anyway.

I also think that this may be related to other social media platforms that have emerged over the last several years. And more activity on the Cubase 4 forum days? Well, yes, those were the days with cracks all over the place :wink:

I’ve been coming back here recently because of all the issues I’ve been getting since ‘upgrading’ from Cubase 8 to Nuendo 10. I’m still optimistic I can get my stuff working again. Just you prompting this thread has made me realize I should probably hang out here more to help others and contribute more. The more we contribute, the more we’ll get out…

I do love their products despite the issues, and religiously refuse to move to ProTools just yet. I recently finished up a movie this month where I’d tentatively crossed the line between composing and post production because there was a need, the Producer asked me to, and I thought I’d been putting off my Cubase upgrade for long enough, so it was a good reason to take the plunge. The relearning in Nuendo 10 has been really painful, but I was very happy to see the results I was turning out in Nuendo were way better than what the team over at Netflix were doing all using ProTools on the same stuff. There’s hope yet.

If not a resurrection, maybe it’s time for at least a Steinberg Forum Renaissance…

Not been on here for… em, years I think? not in any reasonable capacity anyway and I still seem to be the 7th most prolific poster?
Think that speaks volumes or something!

That’s interesting. As a user who paid for my copy, I guess I didn’t pay much attention to how many others here might have been software pirates.

Hey Jesse James, I remember you!!:slight_smile:
Not sure if anyone remembers me here…
Oh my goodness, you just wrote my thoughts right now…:frowning:

I used to be here almost daily in the time of Cubase 4 - jumping off my seat, feeling inspired by incredible tracks I used to hear here - they inspired me to work days and nights, trying to learn things and achieve better music…
Lots of work made me put away composing for quite a while. Now I want to dust off my midi-keyboard and get back to composing on computer again! You won’t believe me - but I still have Cubase 4!
But now I’m not sure if I should upgrade to the final version or start looking for another DAW for some reasons…

This thread should not have been moved from Made With Steinberg. I understand why a mod might have moved it as it wasn’t actually about making anything but it was about the way that makers were not communicating very effectively in recent times. Moving the thread changed the OP focus and now we have a reminder of the bad old days of piracy and cracks. For what it’s worth I have been a paid user since 1993 (Cubase Score 1) and I do remember being teated with respect and callousness when the forums began a few years after. There was a Lounge type of forum where members chatted about about all sorts of things, some very heated times and the mods had to really clamp down. Trolls abounded everywhere. I think we have had at least 2 reboots of the forum since then (losing all the threads and posts at the same time).

I still wish that more people would contribute to the made with steinberg forum or, at least, make the effort to listen and comment.

Lots of people left, that’s for sure, but where did they go? I want to go there.

Lyrically these words sound like a good framework for the basis of a kool bluesy type song. :slight_smile:


Great observation! Yes, I think there’s a song there.

I used to frequent this forum every day back in the good ol’ days from around 2001-2010. Then regulars started leaving. I think the emergence of social media platforms, and the extra sub forums didn’t help as there was more fragmentation.

I made some friends here back then, but tend to post far more at VI-Control these days as it seems more lively (I’m Zedcars there if anyone cares).

What happened to Glyn? Does he still post here? Old timers will know who I speak of. He used to post very long, intelligent and caring posts. Also, Hackenslash (Tony Murphy), Nerg( aka Peter N - awesome drummer and singer/songwriter), RokGeetar, Douglas Hazelrigg and PhilD05. Where did they all go?


I used to frequent and post a bit on the forum back in the good old days too. Anymore, I hang out at Gearslutz. I’m Tommy-boy there too. I do miss the old forum and some of the comradery. Paul Woodlock was a great source of info. Subpantellissssssss always had amusing weekend polls. Was fun. I despise using social media instead of forums. Sound Devices went that route and it sucks. They killed their forum and went to an FB group. It’s a complete free-for-all. No organization. so much harder to look back at old threads and glean info. Oh well…time goes on.

I go to Gearslutz sometimes. It’s a fantastic resource, but it doesn’t feel as warm and cosy as the old place.

Look what I found…

So funny to see what we used to chat about back then…seems to be a fascination with bananas going on. :laughing:

Just the names on that thread bring back what a funny, creative place that forum used to be. I peek in here once in a great while, but not a lot going on…as has been mentioned. I do see posts from many of the old timers on FB. Some of the running jokes are even hinted at occassionally.

Like whatever happened to snazzer and roll-evil-teef and that sax playing dude and the drummer dude?