This has to be possible, right?-dedicated MIDI control to set plugin param on CR insert

so here’s what I’m trying to do…

I have SoundID Reference as an insert effect in my Control Room inserts, so it can correct for my monitors outside of the actual export output chain. I have it set up with two presets, one for monitors, and the other for headphones.

I want to use a button on my MIDI controller to toggle between the presets, and I want it to be global/dedicated only to that function, so I think that means I can’t use quick controls. I don’t want to have to navigate to the CR insert, find, and select the preset whenever I want to switch between the two.

I’ve tried searching for two ways to do this–first, the obvious one…trying to directly map the presets to a control, and second, using the A/B button in the plugin window.

no progress on the first–guessing that’s the best way to go, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me. tried using MIDI Remote and can’t access plugin parameters from there (makes sense). also tried Remote Control Editor, and thought I might get that to work, but it only shows me knobs, and the Next and Previous Preset controls aren’t set up to work intuitively…they’re separate, for one, and they’re both knobs, where I would need some kind of button.

using the A/B functionality would be great, but I can’t figure out how to map that to a controller button to toggle it. kinda defeats the usefulness (for me) to have to go to the plugin to toggle between the two states.

is there a way to get this working the way I’d like?

Nope , not possible at the moment , It was possible with the Generic remote by assigning slot 1/2 /3 enable and disable to the main control room inserts BUT this has not been ported over to the MR yet and for me this function in the Generic remote is broken and im using the mouse to switch between 3 SW plugins.

If by chance these do work for you in the Generic Remote you are then using one whole controller with generic , you can not use this controller in the Midi Remote .

ah, dang, that’s unfortunate. oh well–that would have been amazing. hopefully they get that back in a future release.

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Hi Slow
Yes it’s an annoying one , one i use a lot . Hopefully in the next maintenance update things might change

Not sure if this would be of any help (most probably it won’t) still, if you use two slots instead of one, each having the preset you want, you can map their bypass to your controller having also the “Global” flag set. However, this mapping will be effect-specific, meaning if you change the vst in your slots, you’ll have to re-bind them :frowning:

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Does this actually work ? I never change these plugins so this would be very useful but im sure Greg Ondo and myself couldn’t get it to work , but i’ll check to see if it works here after lunch

I’ve made a new project, the bindings stayed there.

Ohhhh , i’ll check this later , why would the commands be under channels ?

Oh, I don’t really know. I’ve just clicked the byPass while mapping, and Cubase set this up.

Ummmm , i can’t find the commands at all in the MR but in the GR you could select ALL parameters of the plugins and assign them to what ever you want IF they are not broken . Sorry i’m the sort of guy i want to plug play ,assign and get on, not mess around for hours working out how to assign a button :sweat_smile:.hopefully Steinberg will sort this

Note that it took just one click on the desired element, to get the binding done :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for you to explain what you mean by binding , you are a programmer , lots of us are just bods and know nothing about the processes you drip feed . I know you are being helpful and providing work arounds but I’m happy to wait for straight forward assignment with no faffing about :wink:
Anyway this isn’t my thread , I leave you with Slow

So I use the same software in Control room as well, but with my interface I have a separate output for headphones. So I’m able to put a different plugin, with different settings on my headphone output in control room.

Any chance your audio interface can do the same thing? Would be a much better solution than the A/B switch.

Binding for me, is mapping, i.e. connecting a function to a control, nothing special here and nothing to do with programming!
I’ve just opened up the midi assistant, and then clicked on the Bypass of the insert in the slot I wanted, and it just got bound to the control I had selected.

It’s as it states here:


Apart from browsing through the functions, you can also click on an element and IF it can be bound, it will :slight_smile:
BUT, as I’ve stated above, this is just too specific, so if we change the plugin, this will break, not a generic approach unfortunately.
This can be helpful when we’re dealing with elements not directly exposed in the “Cubase functions” browser, or even in the API. What’s more, there are many times that programming cannot even create such mappings, because they’re too plugin-specific. For example, currently we cannot approach the insert slots of the control room even programmatically.

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you are all GENIUSES. it works! it’s not elegant, and I modified it a bit so it’s more visible which is active at any point, but it means I don’t have to go searching for the plugin when I need to switch to recording vocals or acoustic guitar, and that’s a big win!

my controller has a couple of unused pots (because they only output stepped values for some reason, can’t use them for faders or panning)—I repurposed them for this. I can tell which one is active based on the knob position, which is actually useful compared to using a button.

I even had the thought that I could control them simultaneously with a rubber band, and tried it for fun—that worked too. :joy: took a video of it in action, but can’t attach it. ah well, worth a shot.

btw, thank you! also, that added bit about finding the mapping by clicking on the element is hugely helpful–I’m new to Cubase, and so far my mapping has been limited to trying to search for stuff in the list.

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the main headphone outs on my Focusrite I believe (could be wrong) are hard-mapped to use the same main outs, 1 and 2. I do have plenty of other output channels, but I also sometimes record my band, and need them all available for headphone/cue sends, so I don’t really want to repurpose them. it’s a great thought though!

So if you’re already using a headphone cueing system, multiple outputs might be the perfect solution. Of course it depends on your hardware and how you set it up.

If you posted which Focusrite you have, we could figure this out.

I personally have (through control room) 1. Speaker Outputs 2. My headphone Outs 3. Artist Headphone outputs which goes through a distribution amp for multiple people. So 3 stereo pairs. That way the artist can do their own cue mix while my headphones are a reflection of the main mix. All three have individual (different) SoundID plug-ins.

Hope this helps

I’m using an 18i20. I’m sure I could figure it out–I’ve done similar in other DAWs. I had to do a bit of wrangling with the CR setup at first, because it wasn’t behaving the way I expected, so I really just need to spend some time getting more familiar with the routing interface and how that all works.

with the implementation, the only downside is that for some reason it resets the active state of the plugins when I load the project, so they’re both active when it loads up. otherwise, it’s working great. :slight_smile:

Yes , this is the behavior here as well , i take it it’s because both pluigins are named the same but at least they are easy to bypass now for which i thank @m.c for, But however , non of the functions are useable inside the plugins , like volume on the out slider , disabling safehead room as they were in the Generic remote but hopefully a bit more time Steinberg will sort this out .
I have faith