This has to be possible, right?-dedicated MIDI control to set plugin param on CR insert

Hello, we’re talking about resetting the bypass property upon loading? It resets to Off?

for me, it’s resetting both to On–so when I’m working I always have one or the other active, not both…and when I save, theoretically, one should still be off, but on open, they’re both active.

Of course. This is why I asked. I’ve made a small test and the project upon re-open (after saving it obviously) was set as expected, i.e., whichever slot I had chosen to bypass was still bypassed. And since @Highly-Controversial describes the same issue as you, I find it pretty weird, since I cannot replicate it.

Depends on which version of Cubase you are running ?

Who knows? I’m on the latest (0.60). But a change to whichever state of our project upon re-opening makes me wonder. It’s like for example, we change volume of a track with our controller, save our project, and this change is not respected upon re-opening. Pretty weird, wish I could give a hint here, but I’m clueless :frowning:

by any chance, are you testing with a different plugin (i.e. something other than Sonarworks)? wonder if maybe it’s specific to that plug for some reason. :thinking:

In my case , it doesn’t matter what state you leave the plugin slots , whether they are on or off ,when you reopen the project they will all be turned on ,even with the project saved with them all off

I really don’t see why this would make a difference. I used an Arturia’s plugin as shown in the screenshot I post. One thing I could suspect is your controller upon initialising in Cubase, sends the specific midi message bound to this assignment. But… As I’ve said, I’m in reality clueless.

Yes I understood that my friend, and it’s just so weird. @slow.robot mentioned a specific plugin. Unfortunately I don’t have this one, to give it a go. Do you use another one, maybe I could give it a try?

yeah, I was thinking of maybe trying a different plugin to see what happens. maybe I’ll do that tomorrow, if I remember. :sweat_smile: