This is a Pro product still with some un-Pro bugs...

I couldn’t agree more - of course with your well-worded preference for Nuendo in general, but especially with the following paragraph, too:

So, in a nutshell: +1




and please don’t take too long to improve this strange mixer GUI.
SB, maybe you should start an official poll on the new mixer to see where you stand…


Big K

I would like to see the N5 mixer’s graphics and functionality brought back.

i suppose things will be changing in the next months. my impression is that Nuendo 6 doesn’t meet the real world enought, and still need some improvements

reach pre/post by “right click -> roll menu -> scroll to point -> left click to select” is too long than old " one click button" behaviors…

same for sum mode of direct routing…

also the control room section needs to be re clarified:
too much scrool to quick react to a "more metronome to me! " request

it is strange that SB tend to optimize workflow with greats new functions in the mixer and waste the obtained gain with too much clicking on certain parts.

Going from N4 to N6 has made me extremely disappointed. The update was very expensive and haven’t given me anything but headache. Jobs that took 30 minutes before now takes 60 or more. The graphics is just crazy - different styles in different windows. the new mixer sucks. no new tools for editing, just a bunch of EQ, dynamics and stuff that I don’t use and I don’t want but take a lot of space in channel setting window. Crucial functions like phase is hidden. There is no way to access the post fader insert slots from the mixer. The cursor disappears when editing. No pro metering or analyzing. Some great functions is lost from N4 but not a single new function that I actually wanted.
I don’t get it, who do you think you customers are? Have you listened to your users at all? I don’t think any of us want’s tape saturation on every channel, and if we did we’d already had it. Why all this crap we haven’t asked for? Give us a working program for PROFESSIONALS!

I actually wanted to downgrade to Cubase cause it seems to have plenty more functions for a lot less money but there was no crossgrade. Well, Magix is offering a crossgrade to samplitude / sequoia and you are one update from loosing a loyal customer since N1.5.

Shame on you Steinberg. [/RANT]

Well - it’s a pity that this thread (which started with a basically positive vibe) develops to a rant, but obviously there’s a reason for that. :neutral_face:



Right as always…!

Man, was I ranting about the thin-lined fader at the sends, etc.
Now, we got them towel size, but must suffer from hidden buttons, scroll menues and desorientation.
Hey, there is a middle way… You can do better!! You made Nuendo!!

And always think:

I didn’t have to put the brain inbetween, anymore, when handling most functions in N5.

Now it is:
Brain-eyebrows?-scratching-click-scroll-click-think-wonder, what the …

Please, listen to us and make it flow again…

Big K


Indeed, I have not met one other user who likes the mixer, either!
On the contrary. Like Headland I don’t like looking stupid when wandering through its valleys and caves using a white stick. So, N6 is not being used, here, at all, gathering dust next to N 1.5, 2, 3, 4 …

I have had a closer look at Presonus’ Studio One 2.0 since they released a students programm, just right for my lectures*, where you got 1 Studio One Pro 2.0 and 10 !! units of studio one artist for less than 100.- Euro.
It is not quite as intuitive as they claim, but very usable and it works well. Very close to a real alternative… for 350 Euro. And the smart way of transfering changes in the project songs directly into the mastering project is just excellent.

Btw, those CD / DDP features should have been implemented in Nuendo a long time ago. WaveLab used to be great, but not anymore. WL7 has lost its course just as much and WL8 will never hit my bench.

Don’t drive your oldest knights of the order away… and f.G.s.
Say something!!!

Big K

*Mind you, Artist has multiple activations…At SB I could not get decent support for Cubase Elements and Sequel. Both couldn’t be run on a school server. I really wanted to plant some SB seeds, there, but instead I had to root it out… and bought Studio One. What a shame. Btw, if you buy Sequel, even as an engineer, support might still treat you like a bed room studio noop…


Yea, that’s a winning strategy. Release a broken piece of software that thousands of professionals rely on for their living and then of to vacation :astonished:

Can’t agree more.

I love the features, but I deeply hate bugs and the new GUI.

BTW, PLEASE, please please please please please please please please please please, TAKE BACK the Nuendo user support to Steinberg. Having Yamaha as a filtering layer has NO sense (in my country, the “product specialist” is a very kind man that has NO clue about Nuendo). Two weeks ago, I contacted to Yamaha’s support service. The answered after FIVE DAYS waiting and the answer was “bring your session to my office to see if it works”. Please DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. This is a PRO tool and I want a PRO service.