This is a PROPER sampler for Cubase...

I can drag audio from the pool or from the song into the sampler.

After Cubase slices audio at hitpoints, I can put the slices into the sampler.

Most of all, the “proper” sampler for Cubase is ANY sampler :slight_smile: because Cubase is now the
only DAW on the market (Ableton Live, Fruity Loops, Reason, Sonar, Digital Performer, Pro Tools)
that does not have a Sampler designed to work intimately within the application.

Oh, did we mention you haven’t updated Cubase’s Vocoder for MacOS in about 10 years?

Enter Halion 4.

Are you referring to Nanosampler? That just for using a single audio file to create a sound bite sound effect or simple sampler instrument. Useful I guess, but not really a full service sampler.

:arrow_right: +1 for H4

  • 1 zillion for Halion 4. By far the absolute best purchase I have made music wise in the past year. Has tons to offer and note expression on my own loaded samples is utter brilliance and has completely blown the doors wise open on my projects.

Steinberg should use your quote in it’s H4 promotionals!

To add… It just immediately sounds so good!!!

this halion thing is just a sampler. good though, but old technology, remember it from 80s? its worth a 100eur i guess. not more. i would give 100eur for it. i remember it as good soft. like it more than kontakt. companies like ableton also had a propaganda - upgrade now new version of sequencer and get sampler for free. where is steinberg here? even for same version ask you money twice, thiefs.


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