This is a very impressive Application

I’ve been with this program since 1993 - Cubase Score, but I have spent the last few years on solo piano and Hammond A100. Recently I have come back to Cubase my last real exposure being Cubase 5. I just spent a week hothousing myself with Tutorials and am just getting bacxk up to speed.
I have had a wonderful experience with Cubase, its stable, sophisticated and musical. It reaks of class.

In particular I am so glad that MIDI and Audio can so easily be fused - the experience of taking a funky drum loop and with a few simple clicks extracting the groove to find it nicely supplied at the bottom of a drop down quantise preset list is SO powerful. Now MIDI can have breath! There are now so many tools and the product has such vision and musicality. I as having such a gas! The SurroundPanner is also awesome now, I can at last take a sound and spin in around the room! So cinematic!