This is driving me nuts !!!!

I bought a Yamaha MM6 and Cubase 5 Ess. and my aim was to stop using VSTi’s in my songs and use the Motiff sounds from the mm6 instead. I have it hooked up via usb and audio out and I can record and play the sounds both as MIDI and Wav ok.

I imported a multi stem MIDI file and Cubase automaticly assigned its internal VSTi Halion to play it back but I want to use the sounds in the mm6. I can’t seem to find how to use the the sounds in the mm6 instead of Halion.

Please let me know if I am confusingmyself or this really is possible.


Of course its possible. Are you importing or using instrument tracks? Just import the midi file to a midi track (make sure your’re correctly working with midi0 or midi file1) and assign the outputs to your yamaha instrument.

It is a multi track midi made in Band in a Box. I may be dense but how to I assign track outputs from and to devices? All I see is a way to change VSTi’s. For example, one track is a MIDI pattern for bass and halion was loaded by default. I see a way to change halion to VSC or whatever but nowhere do I see how to use the bass sound in my mm6 to playback the MIDI pattern data…

What am I missing ???


Maybee the midi-port on which your yamaha mm is listening? This is a wild guess but could be the problem.

I have the same problem. I want my track output to go to a Yamaha MU128 Sound Generator Module but I can only see VST outputs!!! Did you resolve your issue?

You need to use a MIDI track and not an Instrument track and set the output to your MIDI interface.