This is for Cubase Developer / Support Team

When is the next service release coming on for 10.5.20? Just curious?

This isn’t the Cubase developer. Unless Steinberg changes their policy, they don’t give public dates for services releases or even upgrades. They will however give general information such as “in a few weeks” or “end of the month” etc. And the upgrade, based on prior years, usually comes around Black Friday.

I hope a hotfix comes out soon, I have been noticing some issues with cubase audio engine, other than occasional instability issues. this odd crackling sound? no peaking on VST engine or audio meters??? this is so bizarre. Almost sounds like, a digital clip but nothing is clipping not even close. I hope someone is listening or reading this… very disheartening…

There might be a user reading this who can help, but that’s more likely if you post a thread with a title related to the issue you’re having, with more specific details of your audio settings and external hardware.

For what it’s worth, your issue isn’t widespread, or it would have been mentioned here, so it’s likely related to your specific setup, rather than the program itself. The only experience I have with a similar issue was solved by downloading my interface’s latest drivers.

Hi - just a quick thought; double check you haven’t any plugins running in ‘demo’ mode, whereby they emit some crackling noise/sound at set intervals or randomly… :wink:

Good luck.!

These are the things I have been using for Years, Kontakt 6/5 does not matter (both same issue) patch(instrument) CHOIR. Full version of course.
While playing single sustain notes or fast succession randomly crackles.
system configuration is in my signature.
Audio interface settings are: Sample Rate: 48000 / Buffer Size: 128 / Clock Source : USB Internal / Clock Status : SYNCED
changing buffer size to higher buffer does not make a difference. ASIO is in green… Scarlet 2i2 (2nd Gen) Driver version 4.65.5 Firmware version 1051.
Processing Precision : 64bit <<

wait! I might have solved my own issue, switching Processing Precision : 32bit fixed the issue!
why does 64bit processing cause crackling?
spoke too soon, it does not it still crackle…

I had this issue a few years ago.
I finally found it was related to a network card and my the drivers of my then Audio interface. Solved it by turning off the network card (short term) and then replacing the Audio interface.
It hadn’t always been there, had presumably started when the drivers to either the card or the interface or some Windows update had changed something.

I am using microsoft drivers for my wifi that install automatically, but I have a feeling it may be the morph filter on CHOIR because another CHOIR with key-switches seems to be working fine.

this is so odd, some instruments, have this static/crackle and some do not… I will play around with it and see if this is related to NI instruments or does HALion Sonic exhibits the same issue …

it appears it’s an issue with Native instruments, not cubase, because even in stand alone Komplete Kontrol, I here the same static, but not with any other patches. Just chorus with morph and it’s still random.

Also on export? If not it is still some cpu issue, as when rendering NI uses a different process, which finishes all buffer no matter the time it takes.

correct, offline processing still has static, static is even, in preview library, for S88 MK2 Keyboard. which is just playing a prerecorded wav file sample.
off to NI forum. From now on, I am going to make videos of these issues, and post them on my YouTube channel.

Just checked with NI, all morph filtered sound must be played at 44.1Khz, any other sample rate will have static. it has nothing to do with Cubase or audio interface or drivers, it’s an old vocal library that Native instruments still have not update to be compatible with any other sample rate.

I am still curious when the update to 10.5.20 -->(10.5.30) will be coming out? if anyone at Cubase is reading this…