THis is good value for money, 12euro instead of 49...Plus

In case someone missed this one:

If you don’t have a delaythingy like Fabfilter timeless or such (wich cost 149), this could well be the one you need.
It’s my christmas gift because I am on a really tight budget hahaha.

O and additionally you also get the distortion unit adding it up to a 98 euro VST package for 12 euro. Almost to good to be true aye?

Closes at 30 November.

Greetz Dylan.

Cool, apparently they’re also all 64-bit, so that’s a no-brainer :slight_smile:

edit; how do you get the distortion with it? It doesn’t mention it in the shopping cart or anywhere else.

Well I got a newsletter and there it says:‘and get RP distord free’ hmmmm

Well I can live without that one.

The distortion plugin is free if you own another Rob Papen plugin or synth, so yeah, you get both for €12 :slight_smile:

I got the RP Delay a few months ago in an Audio Midi no brainer. This is a GREAT delay plug in

Yep I like it. The distortion is also pretty good, however not really great for guitar distortion. It’s very digital, but it has its uses.

After seeing the offer here, I went for it too… So glad I did; it is a wonderful plug - partly because there are lots and lots of great sounding starting points, then tweak to your liking. As Jazz Club would say, Nice.

Okay so what happend? :imp:

I transfered money to paypall for that offer on 23 November. 25 November the money was from my bank account but paypall aproved it on December 1th! 2 days after the offer expired! :frowning:

So I wrote an email to Rob Papen and told what happened, guess what…
He then wrote an email to time&space and yesterday I got an email from their sales with a discount coupon so I can still be a part of this offer!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Wow, nice to see that people are still people!

Lesson: Always be nice and don’t be afraid to ask…There is more possible then you think!

Greetz Dylan.

Nice :smiley:
I don’t really like Paypal, so I just asked for my dad’s creditcard. He works at the bank so he has one for free. Very useful at times :slight_smile: