This is how to use EZDrummer with Cubase 6

I figured it out Last night The 64 bit system has 2 set’s of program files so you can run both 32 or 64 bit, the EZDrummer folder I needed was in C:/ Program Files (x86) not the regular C:/ Program Files, sense I’m running cubase 6 in 64 bit mode ,toontrack 32 dill wont work, So here’s what you must do .
Open Cubase 6 Go to { Devices } Click and Open { Plug-in Information }
you’ll see Next to the Updates Button there is a { VST 2.x Plug-in Paths } button , click on that button, a drop down box will open, There will be, Add / Remove / Reset , button’s. Click the add button,And all your Hard Drive folders will be displayed, scroll down to { Computer } click it then click The
OS ( C:) that will open all your C: drive program’s scroll down till you see Program Folder’s (x86) click it scroll down till you see toontracks click on it and then click OK this will set the path in to cubase now you have to click the UPDATE button to complete the Path that’s it and I also found out I have to open Cubase 6 as Administrator every time or I cant drag and drop any loop files from EZDrummer to my Event line you must have administrator rights to add loops Hope this helps you all …Strange1

The default location for the installation of a 32-bit Toontrack plug-in on 32-bit Operating system is C:\ProgramFiles\VstPlugins\Toontrack.
The default location of a 32-bit Toontrack plug-in on a 64-bit Operating system is
Finally, the default location of a 64-bit Toontrack plug-in on a 64-bit system is

I use 3 VST top-level paths to organize my plugins.

Cubase 64 uses VST_Plugins_64bit_only and VST_Plugins_32_64
Cubase 32 uses VST_Plugins_32bit_only and VST_Plugins_32_64

So if a VST comes with both a 32-bit dll and a 64-bit dll they go in VST_Plugins_32bit_only and VST_Plugins_64bit_only respectively.

If a plugin only has a 32-bit dll and that dll works fine in Cubase 64 it goes in the VST_Plugins_32_64

If a plugin only has a 32-bit dll, but it needs to be JBridged to work in Cubase 64, then the dll goes in VST_Plugins_32bit_only and the JBridged version (which references the 32-bit dll) goes in VST_Plugins_64bit_only

If I have a memory hogging VST that has a 64-bit dll, I can put the dll in Cubase 64 uses VST_Plugins_64bit_only and then put a JBridged verion (referencing the 64-bit dll) in the VST_Plugins_32bit_only and use it instead of the 32-bit dll for better memory allocation when running Cubase-32.

With this setup I can open my projects in either Cubase-32 or Cubase-64. Normally I use Cubase 64, but there are times when I need to use Cubase 32.

I use identical sub-folder structures under each so that they are organized properly in the menus.


Thats Cool Ron Im just learning and last night I finally got ezd to work , so I was just passing along how I got there because I suck at computer terminology and in case other people like me who struggle with computers stumble in here needing help might find this I sure wish I could have found this 2 months ago and so I just wanted to help the best way that I can. Also I posted many times in this forum for help on this matter and no one ever replied then last night CWS became my life line and helped me so I wanted to help other’s such as myself who basically end up giving up, cause giving up is a bad habit I cant seem to shake lol And that they may find some relief, in the aggravation of needing and not receiving any advice at all and so thats all I wanted to do and I will put your reply in a folder and will use the info you gave me to figure out how you use your 32 and 64 maybe someday Ill be as advanced and I truly thank you for your time and kindness Peace my new friend and Keep the Faith …Strange1 out