This is Love

Hey everybody,

I have been so busy so far this summer it has been ridiculous. Got a part time job and been going to as many parties as possible, living the life! As such, I’ve been able to expand budget a bit and bring in more talent.

My new track is This is Love, I’d really like to hear your opinions.

Thanks for listening as usual


very nice tune ,the vocalist is very very good ,so good i said it twice.The guitar break is good but just a little masked by the keys. the mix and the kit is just a tad harsh ,could do with a little bit more polish in that area and you would have a great sounding track. well done .

Hey polgara, thanks for the observation. We have figured out that the harshness is likely a result of Soundcloud compression, so we are going to try uploading a lossless format instead.

Nicely written track! I like the Piano sound you are getting now. I would only criticize the harshness in high end of mix ( very digital sounding) and possibly over use of compressor on gtr solo.

The piano part during Guitar solo is way to busy my ears are being pulled in to many directions. I would suggest block power cords of some sort and just let the lead and drums do the work there…simplify lol
You’re productions have come so far!!!

Hey Kenny,

The praise means a lot coming from a piano/keyboard player of your skill level. Hopefully my dynamic awareness is finally starting to shape up.

The piano part was written first with the intention of the solo somewhat following the melody given there. It didn’t quite work out that way, which can be distracting (though my ears got used to it very fast). The digital harshness has been there from the very first production, presumably because I am using virtual instruments for everything! Perhaps there is a plug-in that would remedy this?

Yer comin on in leaps and bounds Blake! :slight_smile: very pleased for you, it’s a good song and the singer is excellent, tend to agree with the other critiques but …hey, that’s how I got better (I think) and that’s how you’ll keep improving,
well done and keep on keepin on :slight_smile:


Thanks Kevin. I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out. Hopefully the productions will continue to improve as time goes on. I can’t take all the credit, we had some very good talent on board.

For those interested, I uploaded the WAV file which will hopefully improve quality.

Very nice mate, any chance you could share the lyrics (here or on the soundcloud page). Always nice to hear some fellow Christian musicians :slight_smile:.
I really like the track, nicely produced! The only nit I have is there seems to be some stereo effect on the bassdrum which throws me off all the time when listening on my headphones. Not sure if it’s a stereo widener or something else but it sounds strange to me. Probably worse so because my AKGs are known to have a very wide stereo field.

Good mix otherwise though, good job getting the piano and guitar to play together nicely, I find that quite hard to achieve usually!

Hey Strophoid thanks for the input. I have started going the Christian direction here lately, since I’m the leader of our youth group’s praise band. Its had a lot of influence on how I approach the whole style. A lot more of this coming in the future I hope.

Regarding the bass drum, it must be the way it was panned in Superior’s mixer. I’m going to look into it so that this wont rear its ugly head in another production. :wink:

Ah nice, me too :nerd:
Good luck with all that

Yes, this is nice. Nicely recorded & mixed. Perhaps too much piano around the 2.30 break mark for my tastes, but it is a praise band style track after all.
I didn’t realise you were a praise band leader - well done.
Just promise me when it’s played at services you won’t repeat every verse 6 times while powerpoint fails to keep up with the lyrics and that no one is running up and down with a big flag :slight_smile:
Just kidding. Loved the track

Wow so you have seen us perform…

Thanks for the kind words :wink:

hahahaha, same story everywhere around the world eh :smiley: :smiley: