This is my first recording with Cubase 7.5

Hi everybody :
This song is in Catalan, and is my first recording in Cubase 7.5 :smiley:
I write the Music and Jessica Mackbett write Lyrics.

Thanks guys

Hi…this song shows great writing promise, I think the intro at 1 minute is too long and the vocal is a bit bass heavy, needs notching around the 200 area (as sherz would say). general production can always be improved and I’ll leave those comments to guy’s that know better than me.
for your first project I’d say it’s damn good!!! well done :slight_smile:

a reveure…adeu…Kevin

Well done TC and welcome to the forum.

I just had a listen to your piece.

I like the Synth Sweep at the beginning !!

I was trying to anticipate what the TIME SIGNATURE was before the Drums came in. I was surprised it was in 3/4 !! :smiley:

If you want a small crtiticism, then my only one would be the placements of the SNARE DRUM. From memory, I think you had them mostly on BEAT ONE (which can sound very ‘stiff’). Try placing on BEAT 1+1/2 and on BEAT 3. It should ‘loosen’ up the feel and give it almost a slight ‘Jazz Waltz’ lilt (which I think would suit the song).

Nice work mate !!