This is pretty wierd, but pretty cool as well. ter-of-minutes

If you place 32 metronomes on a static object and set them rocking out of phase with one another, they will remain that way indefinitely. Place them on a moveable surface, however, and something very interesting (and very mesmerizing) happens.


That IS way cool, thanks Jeff. :sunglasses:

Do you get a discount when buying 32 metronomes at one time? :unamused:

Yeah this is pretty cool stuff…now to put it to use.

I wonder if you started most but not all, if the inactive ones would start ticking too.

i like it,i like it a lot. :smiley:

So given enough time, the unsynchronized beats automatically/magically start playing in time?

I call hoax. Because even (especially?) when we play really long songs, me and my band still aren’t in rhythm w/ each other! :laughing:

(OK, maybe it would eventually work for us, we would just require “infinite time” until we wind up in rhythm. Or need to play on cruise ships only, where the stage + water act as a coupling system).

The last one in the second row took the longest to get in step, by far. Must be called Gomer Pyle, or maybe RiffWraith. :wink:


Happens with lots of humans too, who all unknowingly settle into the same step whilst walking on a moving surface (this bridge). The result causing major oscillations in the structure…! (increasingly amplified = feedback loop)

Gravity works!

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

haha I’ve seen it before but it’s fascinating enough to sit through once a year! :sunglasses:

it’s a bit like all my songs ,all tracks start out of time but after 30 mins … :smiley:

Yahhhhh, it’s Ironworker’s Mommy Juice!!! Hoaxerama!!!


Probably not the most efficient way to find the tempo :wink: , but very funny :laughing:


I wonder if the underlying principle is the same one that was referred to in the video about sampling (I think that was posted here, might have been elsewhere). Something about the equipment aboard WWII bombers working better because the vibrations of the plane in flight introduced a degree of stability to the gears and what-not that they didn’t have when on the ground –

You’re gullible enough to believe this rubbish?

In fact, you could prove it mathematically. As long as they’re all on a surface that transmits some of the forces, it becomes a coupled system and they will influence each other.

Trolling :laughing:

And you are bored enough to post about how gullible I am, when it wasn’t me who said what you put in your quote???

Everyone is more bored than everyone else!!!