This Is Ridiculous!

I’ve only made only a few posts in the forums, and when I have, they’ve been supportive of Steinberg, the main reason being that it works for me…but enough is enough!

First they get everyone excited and reaching for their credit cards with the announcement of the awesome features of Halion 6, then the “oh yea, there’s a catch” announcements and surprises start appearing.

No Win 7 support, loose your previous licenses, sever down …and that’s before any major software bugs have appeared!

If I want to buy a new chair, do I have to turn in my old one? Why should we give up something we’ve purchased and need (I have Win 7 64 H5 32 & 64, Cubase 7.5 32 and 8.5 64). All this “obsolete Os crap”, give me a break…the worlds’ best music was written with a quill or pencil & paper.

This is a business and marketing gimmick gone wrong.

I have bought H6, but have not activated it (server down for 2 days…blessing in disguise). This situation needs fixing!

Same concern here. Have been a good steinberg customer over the years and own nearly all the products but this one has got me thinking. I’m all for copy protection and security but this, getting rid of Halion 5 licence, is a step too far. Really don’t understand the objective of this. Have written to support to see if there are any offered solution to retain Halion 5 on my older machines which won’t run Halion 6. Soft licensing is also a pain if you use multiple machines. Failing to refer to this automatic licence removal of a past purchase also appears to be a material omission in the product marketing.


Steinberg needs to respect our dollars. I agree that licenses, previously purchased, should not disappear with the purchase of an upgrade. There are a lot of users who evolve their systems slowly, or perhaps, run multiple systems (old and new) for backward compatibility.


It seems that my issue (with keeping my 32 bit H5 license), in addition to H6 64bit may be resolved.
Steinberg Canada was very prompt in their reply, now I’m waiting to see the outcome. Will keep you posted (I have not authorized H6 yet).

Though I wish we hadn’t put through this “dilema”, all 's well that ends well…

As of now, my issues have been resolved…I got my Halion 5 (32 bit) license…and…
No problems in running H5 32 and H6 64 on Win 7 64 (on the same computer).
I’m satisfied. Now, back to making music.

Thanks to all who helped press this case…

Looks like 4 days for you, I’m on 5 and still waiting on support but Im UK. How many others I wonder?


Add me to the list. I’m on day 5 in Europe.
Apparently closer to the headquarters you are, longer it will take :frowning:

Hey Guys,

so did you lose all of your H5 presets or do we have to do some thingamajig to transfer everything over.
i have my entire HSO library running thru H5 and it took awhile to get that to work!

I have not upgraded yet, but of course this is of concern to me for BC and other reasons of convenience.

Re: Presets

In my case, my H5 presets are in the default “myDocuments/vst3 presets/Steinberg…etc”
The Halion 5 preset folder stayed intact, and there’s a new Halion 6 folder for presets…
So I did not lose them…backup just in case!

After reading this thread I don’t think I’ll be upgrading as Ive also heard that there are problems not being able to use some of halon 3 samples-the choir samples there are excellent. Besides I have managed to find some excellent 3rd party vst’s which cover all the bases that HALion 6 seem to be trying to cover e.g. good Pianos Strings and Brass sounds. Im also surprised there isn’t an arpeggiated acoustic guitar-thank you N.I !

Yep, ridiculous indeed. I can smell the subscription around the corner. Release the hounds… :wink:

The problem with the whole marketing and license bull is that businesses are trying to make digital things appear as though they are physical. They’re not, a crutched implementation based on old and antiquated business thinking. Like the DRM’s “counter”, you have three, seven, ten installs available… simply because they are not physical they cannot control it, so let’s just pick some arbitrary number, “oh, it’s been carefully discussed and calculated to be fair trade”. Bologna, is nice this time of year! :smiley:

Sooner or later businesses will simply just loose out, in favor of something that actually work, and then they’ll again be behind the curve and try to tweak their old thinking into modern. The whole growth thinking is what’s wrong with everything, the current huge corporations don’t have anywhere to grow, so let’s come up with shady subscriptions and even shadier* ways to lock customers into “my” format. Let’s go DRM! :slight_smile:

Isn’t it amazing that MIDI still rocks. People talk and text on phones that are more powerful than a lot of home computers, and could have video with collaboration, etc. but no, corporations are so busy branding everyone so that new awesome generic protocols and interfaces simply do not emerge, only proprietary ones. The operating systems are the same way, different apps on all of them, crippled society because we cannot communicate properly… lol, insanity. All in the name of business. People? Who cares, there are 8 billion of them.

I do think the current weather really shows that business as is, cannot sustain as advertised. In larger corporations there is a serious disconnect between investor/shareholder, corporate middle layer and the “factory floor”, when the only thing that counts is margins and growth. If selling A-bombs was profitable they would, oh wait…

Lame blue ball primitive thinking. Now, where are those Martians when you need them?

Live life, no worries. Oh right, I apologize for the rant. I just came back after some time away, back to the same struggles as when I left. Got to get that tongue re-sharpened. :smiley: