This is STILL not fixed in N6! [FIXED in 6.0.3!]

STILL no fix for the ‘Devices’ dropdown menu issue broken by N5.5.1 ?! - Prior to 5.5.1 this list was automatically columnised if there were too many entries to be displayed in a single column. Since 5.5.1 this no longer happens - all entries are displayed as a single column. As I have about 150 entries in Devices I have to continually scoll up and down a single column to find the entry I want, rather than seeing everything on screen at the same time. This was reported to the Steinberg support line and acknowledged as a bug on September 13th 2011 - I would have thought it would be pretty easy to put it back to the status it had before 5.5.1 was introduced!

I’m sure that any schoolboy (or girl) with a modicum of coding experience could fix this in two minutes, why does Steinberg continually fail to solve it?!!

I know it is not the end of the World, but any software company with any pride in what they do should want to fix little niggles like this for the sake of their public image. Maybe they don’t care.


Hi fenderchris,

This issue was treated with a very low priority, so it never got in scope for fixing. Actually I wasn’t able to fix it in two minutes :wink: but nevertheless Nuendo 6.0.3 will split the menu to multiple columns.


Hi Bodo,

Many thanks for your response - I really appreciate it. I’m sorry I had to be so blunt to get a reaction.

Good news that it will be fixed in v6.0.3.

I will of course believe it when I see it (I’m getting excited already!)

Addition later in the day: This very small fix is actually making me feel much better about life today - people dooooo care - there is goodness in the World after all! (no printed manuals, but goodness nevertheless)

It is fixed! - At last - Life can now go on!

Thank you Bodo.