This is strange

I don’t know how to illustrate this. If I leave the hub open but unused for a period of time-not sure how long but certainly overnight- and then try to open a file by clicking an icon, Dorico crashes. Windows 10, current Dorico. FYI, I rarely close Dorico completely and almost never reboot my computer.

Please send email address to send the diagnostics - too big even when zipped.

You can email Daniel at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Don’t give full clickable email links. Spam bots will go nuts.

@Dandaiuto, is the network environment where your computer is located especially hostile, e.g. with proxy servers or various sites being blocked, etc.? We’ve recently been dealing with a case concerning a school in the UK who find that Dorico crashes when left looking at the Hub window, and it appears to be due to an operating system resource getting exhausted due to repeated attempts for Dorico to check for any announcements that it wants to show you, and being unable to reach the remote server due to network policy.

To be clear: this is a bug, and we’ve been working on ensuring that this failure case is handled more gracefully.

I wonder whether it could be the same kind of thing causing you a problem on your system?

Thanks Daniel. It isn’t a proxy server. I don’t think there are any blocks but I can’t be sure. I’ll email the crash log to you.

My network guy wants to know what ports Dorico uses so he can look at the settings.

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You’re right. I wasn’t thinking. (Sorry @dspreadbury !)

I think you are on the right track. The windows event log looks like something is filling all the RAM. I’m going to up mine to 14 gb and see if that helps.

The team took a look at the diagnostics you sent, and so far it doesn’t appear to be network related. Something deep inside Qt appears to be crashing. Would you be able to send us a detailed system configuration report from msinfo32?

I’ll try.

Daniel, just to let you know that the crash has not happened since I upgraded RAM from 6 to 14gb.

That’s interesting to know. In theory Dorico should not need anything like that amount of RAM just sitting with the Hub running. It would be interesting to know how much RAM usage is shown in Process Explorer after you leave the app running for a few hours, if that’s an experiment you’re able to undertake at some point.