This is superb - BX Console

This is one serious kick-ass channel strip and I cannot big it up enough. It’s not cheap but it is a lovely “hybrid” strip, as you can set the compressor characteristics to match the VXS (the modelled console) or the newer 88RS (the VXS is a halfway console, between the 80 series & the 88RS. It manages this by the addition of a (usually hidden internally) secondary release control that is variable between 10 & 60dB - to quote from the manual:

A secondary release allows for an additional time constant to affect the rate at which the compressor releases attenuation. The second release applies to a second, lower threshold that is based on the original threshold set by the user. This slows down the release of quieter signals in order to maintain dynamic range
reduction. It can be useful when dealing with content that is erratic in nature and possibly riddled with silent parts. When the compressor is re-triggered after silence, this second release parameter will reduce unwanted pumping when the circuit clamps down again. This deceptively subtle adjustment is no stranger to the original console, however, its range of motion is. The originally modeled VXS detects signals to release at 40 dB below the set threshold. The Brainworx plugin allows this range to be set between 10 dB and 60 dB. This allows for greater flexibility when making decisions on the exact behavior desired when reducing the dynamic range of a sound.

There is also an HPF for the compressor section (in addition to the HPF/LPF filters) as well as a mix control, allowing the compressor to run in parallel instead of just in series.

Grab the demo & prepare to be impressed