This Is Urgent: Quitting

using cubase 9

was fine but suddenly can’t start now

i tried to uninstall and reinstall but still …i think the problem from the vet manager

cubase quiet unexpectedly message appear’

please i have a project to finish !!!

for your info the latest plugin I’ve installed was real guitar from music lab

and i tried to uninstall it and run cubase 9

yes cubase 9 the latest update installed 9.0.20

Please any direct email for the support of steinberg

Good luck.

Also, if you put your OS and computer specs here, maybe someone can help you out.

Maybe it’s a corrupt preference? Trying to boot into Cubase safe mode might help. CTRL-ALT-DELETE, iirc).

Have you installed the latest eLicencer software?
Can you open other applications on your computer? Is the issue just related to Cubase?
What are your computer specs? Have you tried to reinstall Real Guitar, then open Cubase?
People on here can and will help, but we need more detailed information from you.

thank you all for your support

already I’ve done everything… the only thing that works was

uninstalling the cubase then install the update file directly and it works!!!

doesn’t make sense but that what happened

thank you for your suggestion and help