THIS is what you need to create a hit

This message is for to songwriters especially. So… you are very demanding, your computer is powerfull, 7 cores, 32 gig of ram min, you got all the soundbank and library in the world. To create your strings you are demanding you combine Symphobia, Cinematic strings, LASS, and Halion airy pad :wink: You spent hours as you are very demanding to create your own patches. For the piano you are very demanding you got Ivory it sounds like a real one. But youre a pro you need the best. For the bass you got the Trilian, youare very demanding and realised that some Scarbee bass sound were slightly out of tune (what a good ear what a pro) For the drums you got it all here you spend 75% of your time. Hours and hours of hard work, a real pro. Maybe it doesnt sound like a real one but it sound modern with subbass you are very demanding, man you deserve the best your speaker are shaking when you put this Rop Papen big bad Boom on the top of your 7 bass drum and if you add the Big Punch compresser with Waves plug in man… Youre demanding. You pick the best of Steinberg too. Ok now its time to put a vocal on it. Why do you use your old friend Jimmy who sounds like s–it??? (More out of tune than the Scarbee he signs right in the piano crack) Or the girl next door? Or that old uncle Sammy whose only experience in showbizz consist of singing karaoke and get drunk every morning before he returns on his day time job he hates so much monday morn with a headache? Do you realise that the MAJORITY of hit songs are done by GREAT singers. Name it… its always been the case since Elvis… to the Beatles…to Led Zeppelin… (while you concentrate on playing a riff that sounds like Jimmy Page yes but with you singing out of tune on it … even Melodyne cannot correct you… you are far away from led Zeppelin my friend) Today its still the same hit are made by great singers (name it) Even Lady Gaga is a very good signers and Rihanna and Adele and name it they are all great Bono STings etc… So the question is why arent you as much demanding on the singer choice that for your Omnisphere??? Or your boom boom Wave LO? Whats wrong with you? Why so you spend more time on Massive sounds library product connected to PUNCH Rob Papen new gadjet and zero time to find a punchy singers? I had to say it coz all my friends are like that and when I read this Forum I recognise that handicapped attitude… the best sounds in the world and no good signers. THATS THE MORE IMPORTANT TRACK GUYS !!! THE VOICE !!! WAKE UP ! (I hope this message will wake up many of you) Thanks

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: I’m searching for years now, but the good singers dive deep into the mud as I pass along,
so that’s why I spend my time and money on producing music as I am an Musician . . . . . . . .

However every time there is a singer in our practice room shit happens!

By the way if you know any in the neighborhood of Meppel in the Netherlands give me a PM :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

There have been great songwriters too. Some were mediocre singers. Some of the best music was created through serendipity. Sometimes the stars just align. Even one hit wonders make the world more interesting. I like hearing artists try. I like jams…sometimes horrible & sometimes as good as it gets. Rock on all you Jeckle & Hydes, Gong Show contestants and Americas Got Talent fodder fillers! The world has room for everyone, even me cause my Grandmother told me I had a nice voice. I recorded a song my sister loves. My range is one octave less a semitone. One hour in variaudio corrected my flats. Gotta go, bedtime, 5 am comes early & have to hit the sales floor…