This looks good - VST rack

This caught my attention.

Anybody tried it already? Seems like a perfect solution for Cubase limited VST slots.

Aloha S,

and thanks for the info/link. This looks to be a really nice unit
and the price ain’t bad either.

One thing bothers me tho’.
How can they say it is compatible with Mac OS 10.9 and
can be used with any DAW host (Cubase)
when Cubase itself is not yet 10.9 (Mavericks) ready?

Blue Cat’s PatchWork is a universal plug-ins patchbay that can host
up to 64 VST plug-ins into any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in one instance.

How did they test this product?


I don’t find Cubase limiting at all, just my imagination. If I need more slots, I just add a group channel to that track chain which doubles the slots, if really needed, and I don’t know why, add another group channel to the chain. Now you’ve got 24 slots per side. I would guess the possibility of signal degradation exists doing this sort of thing, as would adding a third party pluggin. Save the cash and buy a lava lamp :sunglasses:

What I like about the idea of this plugin is that it makes it possible to load multiple plugins at once, as a preset, and doesn’t replace existing plugins, as currently track presets do.
Track presets as are now are good idea, but they replace everything already loaded. So if you already have say 2 plugins loaded, and load track preset with 3 plugins, previous two are removed.
This plugin alows you to load track presets, but doesn’t mess your other plugins. And it has paraller setup, which is something that is not possible within Cubase from within plugin inserts.
Steinberg could make such utility plugin as part of Cubase, it would be handy.

It is an interesting idea. It is like an effects “rack” where you can have preset “chains” to route signals to. Of course, I don’t see anything that we can’t already do but this gives it a “container” concept. Could be very handy for some “pros” but nothing I need at my level.

I don’t see anything that we can’t already do but this gives it a “container” concept.

I’d have to agree. But it’s neat little parallel processing chain really cuts down the clutter created if you were to construct this type of signal flow with just Cubase alone. I’m pretty sure that feature, coupled with the ability to recall complex presets would appeal to pros and non-pros alike. It is an interesting niche product priced about $20 too high.

…just sayin’

This could be very good for WaveLab Elements users as the Master Section only has four insert slots.


also check out nomad factory magma. it is a large fx suite which also contains a vst plugin chainer that has more slots and allows modulation of parameters…I don’t use it myself (already have their integrated studio bundle)but I do use nomad factory stuff and like their sound. ed

nice! thanks 4 posting!

Q: Is “VST Rack” VST3 ready?

I would use it as VSTi stack (!) rack…
great solution…


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and integration per Media Bay, Presetmanagement in Cubase…

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