This MUST be the drummer's gig!

Cause he is wearing the white tux.
Wonder what he is like when they break into
sometime up tempo?

And the bassist is soo kool the whole time.


Why is that crash so high up? Are asians really that short or is he just looking for an excuse to stand up while drumming :laughing:

I didn’t know Shirley Bassey played drums. He’s getting quite famous like the “drummer at the wrong gig” videos.

LOL!! :laughing: No kidding!

Thanks, just sent that to every drummer I know! :laughing:

That was beautiful. I love the look on the face of the keyboard player - like your dad’s embarrassed you again.


A bit like the allnighters drummer lol

He owns the PA and the van.

Lol! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’ve read interviews with this drummer, and he said he intentionally goes over the top because it’s part of the entertainment. As a result, he got a role on The Office (US television show).