This New Windows Update keeps screwing up Dorico's Sound

There are several known problems with audio and video which Microsoft is still working on. There may be more issues that they haven’t found yet, of course. See

I don’t understand why “your computers other functions will start screwing up” if you install this update, but | guess you have two options: don’t use Dorico, or don’t use those other functions.

Personally, I never install these major updates until they have been available for several months. There’s no value in becoming a Microsoft beta tester if you just want a PC that works!

Thank you @Ulf, My plan is after I’m done typing this post, I will do what you said, then get you the file before rolling back the update until you all get the timely analysis finished. I have checked, and I do not have Windows Performance Recorder, but I do have Windows Steps, which after doing some research, I found out does what you need it to do, in the mean time, I have downloaded Windows Performance Recorder and have installed it.

@Rob Tuley, Thank you for letting me know about the issues with Windows 2004. Right now, it seems best to stick with rolling back for now, and hope that other functions on my computer (mainly my USB drivers) don’t mess up

Thanks Elwin, I’m now downloading. Tomorrow I’ll ask our specialist to analyse the data. Please be a bit patient.

Thank you Ulf.
I rolled back the update and am back to 1909, and so far, there are no issues.

I’ve had previous hassles not just with MS update, but my computer maker’s update. Though I do use a gaming laptop, and gamers must like modified soundscapes it seems.

What gaming laptop do you use? I use an HP Omen

Hi Elwin, I had a look myself at the recorded data, but could not find anything obvious. I need to wait for my specialist to come back from vacation on Monday. Please stay tuned.

I had to revert mine as well. The update appears to have serious problems with the sound drivers although it is unclear why.

Did you reinstall the audio interface driver? In the past, I’ve had to reinstall the driver as well as reinstall the eLicenser software after a major Windows update.

@Craig F
Would you let me know what you mean by that? Did you mean the Audio Interface Driver in Dorico? Or on Windows?
How would you do that?

I’ve also never had to reinstall audio drivers (hence why I don’t know how to do that) in the past. This is the first time.

The Windows Driver. I have a Steinberg UR12 interface which uses the Yamaha USB Driver. I’ve had to reinstall that to get audio working again after a major Windows update.

Are you using the builtin audio or do you have an external audio interface?

Hi Craig, that issue with the UR12 (and the rest of the UR series) got already fixed, so please get the latest driver from

@Craig F

How do I reinstall the Windows Audio Driver? I do not have any external audio drivers. Just the default one that came with my laptop.

From what Ulf said that was a specific problem with Steinberg’s interfaces that has been fixed.
But to update any drivers for your laptop, you need to go to the manufacturers website and see if there are any driver updates there.

That said new, Windows releases are typically buggy so is best to wait awhile.
Also, builtin audio chips are typically awful for this type of audio application. You may want to consider a USB audio interface.

Hi Elwin,

our specialist had a look at your performance recording, but could not find a smoking gun, yet. Needs to dive deeper.
We would also like to get a system info from you. Please do

  • On the keyboard, hold down the WINDOWS key and then hit R.
  • In the Run window, type MSINFO32 and then click OK.
  • In the System Information window, click the File menu and then Save.
  • Set the desired folder to save to, enter any file name, and then click Save.
    Please post the according nfo file. Thanks

@Ulf I will have to reinstall the new Windows Update before I do so (Sorry About that).
I apologize for the late response as this is the first time I have seen it.

Hi Elwin, sorry, I didn’t mention, there’s no need to reinstall the update, just do as your system currently is.

I looked at HP’s website, and for my computer, the only driver they had available was for an outdated Windows 10 System, so that will not work.
Sorry for my late reply as I had to reupdate Windows 10 before I could do what you wanted me to do, and that took a long time.
I re-did the performance recording and did the system info. I posted the links down below.
Looking at the recent thread, I realize you told me that I did not need to reinstall the update, but I did not see it in time before I did it, so that’s a mistake of mine.
In the meantime, I do have a theory as to what could be wrong. Based on previous responses, It seems that the new Windows 10 update currently has issues with the audio driver, at least that’s what the website posted in a response says. I am thinking the deffective Audio driver is the one messing up the sound, and I think getting an External Audio Interface would eliminate the problem, since it would install its own audio drivers onto my computer. What do you think?

Hi Elwin.
I am no windows expert (at all!), what I can say for sure is that an external audio interface will have a way more reliable internal clock, so the whole audio quality will increase (especially during playback). And the driver will probably receive more care from its developers. Not sure it will solve your issue though.