This Program Version Cannot Load Error

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I had a plugin crash on me and had to restart Nuendo. When I opened it back up, it offered to open the last known backup (as it should). Then it asked to save it as a new version. I clicked yes. It incremented the file number and then I got the above error.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. Any clue as to why this is happening? I was able to recover an older back up and open it, but had to dig through the audio folder and manually place some files.

I’m running N12.0.40

I have never seen this message, but I have experienced it more than once that the “emergency backup” created by Nuendo was corrupt and did not work.
I like Nuendo a lot. But since I started using it (again), I have become paranoid: I automatically save a project every 5 minutes. Additionally, I save manually after important steps. And that according to the principle “A/B”: I create another project file in the same folder at the beginning with “Save as…” and always alternate which one I choose when saving. This has often saved my day.

We also still use Sequoia here. It has never crashed. Nuendo but often already several times a day. Including broken back-up files.

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Thanks. As a recent Pro Tools convert, this doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. I would hate to be in the middle of a show mix and have this happen. The only thing I can think of is my project folder is mirrored on Dropbox. I hit save and a few seconds later, the cloud version is updated. I haven’t checked to see if that version is corrupted. Pro Tools also struggles with Dropbox mirroring.


But the project folder that Nuendo accesses, that’s on the local machine?

I’m not familiar with Dropbox, since we mirror our projects within our own network. It would of course be possible that there is a conflict if the data is already mirrored to the Internet, although Nuendo is still accessing the folder.

Yes. The project folder is stored locally. After I save, the project file in the cloud is updated (synced) with the local file. This allows me to work from home or the office and not have to copy projects to external drives.


Dropbox is also an “external drive”. :rofl:

I don’t know how often this error actually occurs. But have you ever tried whether the problem disappears if you temporarily deactivate the synchronization with Dropbox for the Nuendo project folder? Then you could rule that out as the cause of the error.
But that means you might have to do without the convenience of Dropbox for quite a while.

No, but I am also, as already written, very paranoid. For starters, it’s enough to tell Nuendo to automatically save every 5 minutes, for example. Then several back-up files are created. (How many there are in the end can be defined in the settings.) Then it is ensured that there is a back-up that has not been affected by a crash.
You’ll have to load that manually, but it’s still better than having the whole project ruined.

And I can understand that all this does not make a trustworthy impression. Unfortunately, I also don’t know why Nuendo in particular is sometimes so “difficult”. (Some users don’t seem to have any problems at all.)
I like the program a lot, as I said, but sometimes I just don’t understand it. For example, up until version 12.0.30, we had the problem that Nuendo would sometimes crash when we zoomed in very close to a waveform. But since version 12.0.40, this problem has disappeared.

So it will get better with time. :laughing: