This seems interesting (Steinberg tape emulation)

I wonder if there is a demo will search a little more.

gawd knows where my Magneto .dll went, lol.

I would like to know pricing and if there is a demo.

My guess : Euro 149 ish.


The Cubase 6 trial version is online for some time now. Please follow this link



So these plugins are in Cubase 6, Chris?
They are not mentioned in the effects descriptions…

The “swiss” tape machine would be a what? Also what EQ is being modelled, and what compressor?
When will these be available??

So you cannot purchase this as a separate product?

I have to say I find the Steinberg site one of the least comprehendable websites ever.

I think Chris is wrong…there is no mention of these in Cubase’ documentation…

the VCM ADD-ON EFFECT for 0-series, DM-series and PM-series mixers on which the Compressor 376 is based.

It looks like these plugs may have been ported…??? The 376 looks EXACTLY the same as the 276.
Picture 1.jpg


Sorry, my bad. These are seperate plugins that can be bought. I’m not sure regarding the Yamaha Plugins, but from the Rupert Neve plugins we will release a demo version, so you can give it a go.



I look forwards to hearing some demo’s.