This SEEMS like a pretty serious bug (please confirm)

See attached video. When I try to convert the selected voices to a new downstem voice, they are instead completely eliminated. What (if anything) am I doing wrong? (or is this a bug?) I’ve tried everything on the selected notes to convert them into a new voice (including by hitting “shift - V” - this again just deletes the selected notes). Thanks for any help - frustrating since I was presuming I could go through and re-assign voices as needed in the piano parts (as I’m usually able to do) and not sure how to work around this.

[UPDATE]: I exported it as MIDI from Dorico and re-imported and - interestingly - got better voice assignments automatically the 2nd time. So clearly there was something I didn’t do correctly the first time:

You’ll need to provide the project itself rather than a video if you’d like us to look into this problem. A reminder that while pictures and videos are useful, they normally don’t allow us to correctly diagnose a problem:

Apologies - I’ve attached the “reduced” project in question. I was able to regain more flexibility by exporting from Dorico as MIDI and re-importing (not sure why) - but still curious what’s going on here:

ex of voice (587.1 KB)

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Thanks very much for attaching the project. This looks like a bug introduced by the new features in Dorico 4.2 to bring MIDI CC data along with notes when they are copied and pasted (and moving notes from one voice to another internally uses our copy and paste routines). I’ll look into this. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thanks, Daniel. I should add that when I exported (from Dorico) and re-imported the MIDI (as a workaround), I was very impressed by it’s automatic handling of multiple voice assignments in the piano parts. I’m not sure how you did it (and if this is a newer feature or not - I’ve lost track!) but as a pianist I found it was very intelligently “tracking” which fingers I held down and when and assigning them to a logical voice (within a given staff), with further adjustment quite easy (compared to my having to do this completely manually). Very impressive!

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