This sort of thing usually happens to everybody else!

So I’ve been looking of a piano for a while as I wanted to get the girls more interested in playing and also wanted keys for myself that don’t require a “on” switch. The search was taking its time as I had no real money and didn’t want any of the nightmares that I grew up practicing on.

Then a friend of mine(who would confess herself to having a history of mental issues)phone’s up and says she’s moving out of her posh flat in Central London and would off to Italy. I’d noticed her piano before - tidy, modern but completely out of tune. Now she’s offering it to me for what ever I can afford which is nothing immediately but moving it for her was going to make her life a lot easier.

I arrived at her flat with a transit van and a couple of mates in tow. The first shock was that it was the heaviest piano I’ve had ever lifted and everyone else agreed. By some miracle we got it onto the van without crippling ourselves though we did slide it on its side down the corridor taking off some of the veneer. I drove it the 20 miles or so to my home, dumped it and then went back to London for my friend’s leaving do which was in a bar.

I arrived to find a whole pile of well-wishers around my friend. She looked at me in horror. Next to her was an elegant gentleman whom she introduced to me as her old flat mate. At this point she confesses that she had forgotten one small point…the piano wasn’t hers. The elegant gentleman had purchased it to practice on some years before.

He now had another piano and wanted no payment for his old one. He was just glad to see it go to a new home. Especially as it was still worth about FIFTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS! I nearly fainted (especially remembering how much veneer we’d scrapped off the side).

So that’s how I ended up with an August and Forster Piano in my house. Apparently their in the same league as Steinways and Bosendorfs. It needed double tuning(no- never heard of that before either) but now it’s heaven to play and the girls love it.

Now THAT usually happens to someone else. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :sunglasses:


Wow! Cool story! :sunglasses:

Wow indeed; lovely…! great story… :slight_smile:


B e a u t i f u l!!! :laughing: :sunglasses:

To me, anything good was erased by wrecking a nice instrument. :confused:

Ha ha. You’re quite right. Damaging an instrument is a cardinal sin but it really was the only way it was going to get out of the building. Just a bit of veneer, nothing more. :wink:

Aloha T,
Great story!

The beauty of acoustic instruments.

They are always ‘on’ and ready.


Someone got it in without issue. :bulb:

I keep hoping for a grand to fall of the sky (and land gently) in our den. It’s nice to hear that it can happen :laughing:

Indeed! Picking up my Martin HD-28 or putting my fingers on my Fuchs & Möhr (uh … yes … it’s a cheap one) piano keys and beating the hell out of my Pearl drum kit (with Sabian cymbals) always beats pushing the power switch of my PC.

not with as little time and as few resources. :unamused: :wink:

Jealous drool here… :smiling_imp:

Karma smiled upon you!

It’s a good day when good fortune smiles on a good man.

In the NYC area there are occasionally baby grands being given away for free providing you do the hauling. I seen them on CraigsList.

Hey that’s only like 1k miles from here. I’ll keep an eye out.

indeed but when it happens to me its a miracle!!! :open_mouth: :smiley:

Piano… gear lust trumps all! :laughing:

Seems it does indeed happen to everybody else :frowning: :sunglasses:

:laughing: I didn’t mean you obviously. I was simply commenting. :slight_smile: