This sucks

Sorry, but after endless CD’s and website downloads. I’m left to realize that my $300 upgrade from Cubase 5 to 7.5 was pointless. Other than a few workspace changes. I see no point to upgrade. Everything I thought I was going to get was a trial version and must be purchased after a 30 day trial. For being a lifetime supporter of steinberg, I’m disgusted by this move. Not to mention the full license prices for the VST’s are ridiculous. $199… :laughing:

So this is just a wind up then?

I’d turn and run. I’m jumping back to my Cubase 5, that …
A. Seems to be less gadgets in the way and cleaner work field for editing
B. WAY less pop-ups reminding you whats a trial version and not.
C. I actually have MORE with Cubase 5, than 7.5…which I don’t understand.

I’m just bummed about the 300$ wasted.

What a superfluous posting.

Cubase 7.0 and 7.5 were clearly communicated. Nothing left open for Interpretation.
Noone forced you to upgrade.

I must admit, though, that there is a huge number of secondary illiterates around the world, who shoud rather invest in improving that instead of buying Upgrades for whatever Software.

cheers, Ernst

Look I know that this might seem superfluous, but have you installed Cubase 7.00. My understanding is that you cannot install 7.5 without doing this first. I have found 7.5 to be a fantastic improvement upon older versions. I know not everyone agrees. I agree that not everything is perfect - but what I have seen of Logic and PT 10 I am glad to be where I am.

Nobody forced you to read my post. Perhaps I had higher expectations. Perhaps I’m entitled to my opinion. To attack someone personally, identifying someone as illiterate is awfully immature. Stop wasting your time, commenting on people’s post, attacking them for their opinion. Grow up, young lad.
Cheers :laughing:

Ah, Elien. You fell into the classic winder-upper’s trap. Which is to write something about being disgusted about “wasting one’s own money” on a new toy only to find that one forgot that you keep falling off it and need to learn how to ride it first. :laughing:
Wait for exasperated response and then plead that one’s getting picked on. :unamused:

I can’t write things like that or I get told off. :mrgreen:

I can afford $300 but if it was mission critical I would certainly think much harder than five minutes slavering over the “buy” button. :laughing:
Yes, we are being a little humorous at your expense Mr OP. But it looks funny. So we laugh. It’s only a bucketful of custard. :laughing: I do hope it’s allowed.

Not sure why you think that the “extras” that come with the DVDs are supposed to be free in version 7.5 but weren’t free in versions 5 or 6 or earlier, etc. You’re buying the DAW, not the VSTi instruments and libraries. As far as 7.5 goes, I see a lot more here than just “workspace” changes…Track Versions, Re-Record and the instrument rack update alone were worth it for me. Stick with it, you paid for it and it’s really a great update.

Call me naive at this point. You paid $300 for the upgrade…which considering how old Cubase 5 is…sounds about right. But there are way more than just “a few workspace changes.” :laughing:

But what I don’t understand is the “trial versions.” Exactly what are you referring to? Hallion? It seems everyone else knows exactly what you are talking about…except me. :smiley:

When I have upgraded there have been no trial versions of anything that I can think of except Hallion.’s_remorse

A & C are very vague… specifics please.

yeah, I never install the trial versions. its just disappointment when the trial ends. your right, that 7 or 7.5 is clunky. but try the vonage EQ, its awesome, even more surgical than the UAD . the chord track is also really cool and easier to use. the dj EQ is useful in electronic productions. the new halion se is pretty great too, lots of control. and all the saturation plugins are incredibly useful.

its taken me a while to like 7 and now 7.5. I think you’ll like it more the more you use it.

how dare you express your opinion here… never understood why people take this program (or any DAW for that matter) so personal.

keep making music!

It’s not so hard to see what you get for the upgrade. If you assume you get more… you’ve read it wrong. Hence Elien’s remark…

It’s not Steinberg’s fault you made a mistake and since you’ve opened up a forum topic, it’s normal that people read it. And when they read it, they are allowed to respond.

Are you illiterate…? No, but it’s seriously your own fault still. You’re the first and only person complaining about this on the forums. Realize that please.

So stop ranting, stop making posts and see what you DID get when you bought Cubase 7.5. If you spend some time with it, I’m sure you’ll love it :wink:

7.5 has some good shit under the hood. I haven’t used it much since it’s a pig on ram so it crashes in my 32bit system with projects getting bigger.

The new pre lp and hp filters sound amazing. Every cubase eq that I have used from SX to 5 was total shit and could completely ruin a mix.

I love dmg audio equality and won’t change but the new eq’so are great. Chord track is sweet. New sidechaining made super easy is great. The new synth retrologue really sounds good. Some good mixer functions to.

Anyway give it a chance. I’m a little pissed off at the buggy shit but maybe when I switch to a 64bit system it will be ok??

What in the world do you mean with ‘flower’…

Is it good or bad ?!

Don’t agree that Cubase 5 is better in any way, I like v7 despite all the issues, but I definitively agree that the pricing of every software Steinberg sells is way out of hand.

Pretty sure that’s a substitute word that the forum ‘sensor-matic’ puts in place of.

For instance, when you see the word ‘knuf’, it basically reads backwards compared to the original post, [with the exception of the letter ‘n’]. :unamused:

So I’m guessing that the word s~h~i~t was used, but has been replaced by ‘flower’.

…7.5 has some good s~h~i~t under the hood… [would be my guess].

I haven’t been with Cubase all that long, and some of the pricing does seem high, but I think that $49 for the 7.5 upgrade was more than fair.

Just the new REVelation alone was worth it to me.

Try to find an excellent 3rd party Reverb for just $49 these days, (outside of Valhalla - Room & Vintage). Most are over $100 - 500 & up.

Add to that the Re-record and the track visibility options, among other things - easily a no-brainer upgrade, for $49 for me at least. :slight_smile:

I agree with Jamusic…

49 for a .5 upgrade and 149 for a major upgrade. Not very pricey for what you get!

But again, you don’t HAVE to upgrade, if it’s not worth it to you :slight_smile:

:laughing: haha, thanks for the “Young lad” … I had a good laugh for the second time now. Keep it going, OP - please :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ernst