This was a triumph, I’m making a note here “HUGE SUCCESS”

Hurrah I appear to have cake. Happy forumiversary me :slight_smile:


Happy anniversary, Edd!

It impossible not to sing the title in my head! (But the cake is a lie)


Love it :slight_smile:

BBIII on vocals! I just played with a bunch of those musicians last week, including lead trumpet and Dorico user Bryan Davis who convinced me make to switch to Dorico.

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Tell Bryan he needs to persuade (bandleader and arranger) Charlie to stop using Finale and start using Dorico as well!

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Tell them Finale is also a lie! :smiling_imp:

An over reaction.
We can afford to be generous, especially at this time of year.

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How come I don’t get a cake? Rage quit!

You’ll get your cake next April 10th.

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Sorry Dan, no cake left :frowning:

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