This website is bizarre

Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but I want to see if there is anybody else who thinks the Steinberg website is bizarre at best, and completely broken at worst!?

I have been trying to purchase the Nuendo Comp Crossgrade for 4 days now, and I am apparently still no closer.

Firstly, why is there no obviously accessible cart? I have honestly never encountered another online store where an obvious route to access the cart was not available. Never… So everytime you want to access the cart, the only way to do so is to place another item in it, regardless of whether or not you want it. This surely can’t be the intentional functionality here?

Secondly, why on Earth would you have seperate accounts for the main website/elicencer & then a seperate account for the shop? Once again, this is seemingly unique functionality for the Steinberg store.

Im extremely confused. I went through the verification process for Comp Crossgrade, and was approved. I recieved an email confirming that, and also saying I would receive a further email with a special login for purchasing the crossgrade - that second email never arrived. I have tried every which way to get this all to work, and at this point im pretty sure I have like 3 emails registered :expressionless:

Being brutally honest, I am already put off from continuing with this purchase - the website doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence that I am going to have a smooth transition into using this DAW.

I am always willing to accept it if I find out I am being the idiot, and this will be no exception. But I own an unhealthy amount of audio software, and can confidently say I have never even come close to experiencing this level of difficulty trying to buy a DAW or VST in the past, regardless of attached discounts.

As I say though, if I am being the fool here, please enlighten me!!!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Kind of funny that a whole bunch of people somewhere thought, “THIS is the best way to get the job done!!” :smile:


I work on a Desktop PC.
Now, when I open

the websize is

S U P E R S I Z E - M E G A - B I G = unusable.

Steinberg is obsessed with copy protection. Audio software is secondary concern.

Looks normal to me.

Why didn’t you start a new topic?


You appear to be a living human, can you tell me why I’m being asked for verification code in order to log in to my account? And what is an authenticator app?

Disregard previous posts. situation normal. fubar. repeat fubar.

wait, which?

@talley PM’d me about having a quick question. The question has not been asked yet, so I am still as confused as you.

I am assuming it has something to do with this … ?

“Enquiring minds want to know”, as the saying goes :grin: .

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Both can be true, right??

oh, the implications…

Now the website is ok again. :innocent:

Weird. It was the same size each time I looked after reading each of the posts.

Ok, then the settings on my PC were probably changed on that one day.

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