This will change..nothing

For me. I Think it should be free for C7 users. They added “pro” and charge 190 euro.

If it doesn’t change anything for you, why do you care what it costs? If the addition of MIDI, multitrack and lossless audio will make a difference to how you interact with artists, then the cost is a pittance surely?


Change everything?..I really don’t know?
Don’t get me wrong I use VST connect frequently and I like it but I though it were something bigger then this.

But studio pass…only iphone? what a bummer. :unamused:
Samsung and SONY with Android-phones is the leader on the market…still no app for Android?

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I find VST Connect to be a tease of a capability. So, I kinda like the direction. However, like you, the lack of cross platform and cross DAW support is a bit disappointing. I don’t do Apple anything, but that doesn’t mean the people I record don’t. Hopefully this is just step one towards a more open platform strategy.

Hi JMCecil,

the “people you record” need the VST Connect Performer, they don’t need Cubase. And the performer is crossplatform.


Right, but I can’t be at a studio that uses PT and pop my copy of Pro online to get some remote performer rolling.

Fair enough on Performer! I was referring to the upcoming iApp Studio Pass. I was being to general.

Meh, I dunno. I kind of expected it to be something along these lines. I guess it’s a cool idea, although it probably has limited applicability for myself and others similarly situated. I mean, the erstwhile performer is still going to have to have their own mic/mic pre/instruments/AI/whatever, and they are going to be in their space, so you’re going to get their sound (as opposed to, say, yeah come on over and sing into my Neumann $$$ etc (which I don’t have lol)). I could see it as useful for maybe higher-end operations who need to work with someone remotely who has access to a nice stuido setup (and they “only use ProTools!” lol), and you need to do real time feedback (“lets do another take”, “no, do the falsetto”, etc etc) during the session. For me, even though I have a friend in California and a brother in North Carolina I like to collaborate with, it makes more sense to just export an audio mix and send them the file (as a “click track” if you will) for them to record their take against and then just send me the wav file of their recording(s) to drop into the project. It’s just easier to work asynchronously like that.

But I suppose if you needed to “be there” there could be a use for it. And, it is kind of cool. So there’s that.

Steiny set themselves up for being trashed disproportionately with this childish tease. Lets face it , the long knives were out and no matter what was announced ,attacks in this forum were inevitable. I can see this being very impactful over time : could be a great tool.

the only thing this might change is someone broadband supplier to be able to run the program , so what happens if you live in the outback and use a gerbil in a wheel to power your internet ??? will it still work ???


like every software it has minimum requirements.

Can you run C7 on a P4 Win 98 machine? No.
Can you run VST Connect Pro without a stable connection? No, of course.

And like everything, might be a very useful tool for someone and less useful to others, like everything you can buy out there.

Will change everything for the misanthrope writing / producing / mixing alone in the cellar? No!
Will change things for me, given that the two drummers with which I usually work live in Switzerland and California?
Well, I guess so!

Your mileage may vary.

Have a nice evening you all.


Can I dial in multiple people? Like a producer and script writer simultaneously to work with a V.O. actor?

excellent question! I was thinking along those lines … but I have composer + player situations that would rock.

+1 I have the same question.

Sometimes the director want to be listening or coach the actor and involves especially working with TV and Film projects.
I have own experience with that one. Today we need sometimes use Skype instead. It would be much better to present a professional solutions for the clients. :wink:

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One good thing is that no animail came to harm during the video describing vst connect pro. ´
Watch the green pre info. :slight_smile:

There is already a topic on this, so please use that instead.