This will make or break my day? Important question

As luck would have it, I’m finishing off a couple of scores and creating 1 from scratch that must be ready for rehearsal 12 hours from now. The new improvements will save me a load of time. My finger is hovering and quivering over the install button. My heart is racing. I really, really want to install the update after watching the videos! Just astonishing improvements to what I thought would be an end of year collection of bug fixes and minor feature improvement.

But if there is some random quirk that stops me dead in the water like the last update did (screwed up font sizes) even a quick turnaround fix of 1 day will cause enormous stress.

Anybody test this out on Mojave 10.14.1?

What should I do??? :open_mouth: :confused:

Is it possible to rollback if I have problems?

It’s fine on macOS 10.14 Mojave. It builds on the compatibility fixes we already released a while back in version 2.1.20.

Praise God! And the Dorico Dev Team! I hope you have some rest planned after this push.

THANKS! Just an amazing update.

Couple of small bugs: in a really large score (I am adding a standalone harp part — not part of a larger score file — to an 885 bar piece) when I switch between Engrave mode and Write mode, it jumps back to page 1. In a 10 – page part, that is a bit of an inconvenience.

And the setting for click and drag mode always moves the page, regardless of whether it is set for that or for dragging a rectangle selection.

However, I’ve opened 3 files from 2.1, and there were no visible changes in appearance or layout. And one of them is a 6-mvt/flow full concert band piece.


We’re aware of the issues when switching between galley view and page view. The improvements to zooming and following the selection during editing have not come without a small price. We will sort these issues out in due course.

However, I find that both the H shortcut to swap between the hand tool and marquee selection and the preference to set the default behaviour of click-drag works absolutely fine.

I tried the H key hand/marquee switch, and that was fine. But changing it manually in the Preference window didn’t work.

The H works fine, so I’m good.

Also, Daniel, to be clear, it wasn’t switching between Page and and Galley Views that caused my score to jump all the way back to the beginning; it was switching between Write and Engrave Modes.

And you’re in page view in both modes, but at one of the ‘Fit height’ or ‘Fit whole page’ zoom levels, I presume. If so, then yes, we know.

Actually, I just opened two other old (pre-2.2) scores, and they behaved just fine in switching from Write to Engrave modes and back again, so maybe it was something specific about that one project.