This would be a Sweet Deal if.... 6.5 Upgrade Offer

Here it says that:

Until August 31, 2012, Steinberg offers Cubase LE 4/5/6 and Cubase AI 4/5/6 users as well as all Cubase SX/SL 1/2/3, Sequel 2/3, > Cubase Essential 4/5 > and Cubase Elements 6 customers value-packed upgrades to Cubase 6.5 and Cubase Artist 6.5, the state-of-the-art music production environments used by thousands of professionals around the world.

Is this an issue with the shop page?

Is what an issue?

The upgrade price is always $150. No discount is showing for Essential/Elements users as it leads you to expect in the link.

Yes it is some sort of a (marketing) discount.
Cubase 6 (Full Version & Artist) users did have to pay €49,99 to get version 6.5 on top of the €599/€299 they paid for version 6.
When you upgraded from Elements to Artist a few month ago (version 6), you also had to pay the extra €49,99 to get version 6.5.
Now you can do it in one step, so actually you are saving the extra 6 to 6.5 update costs.

I agree, it’s a bit complicated and strange :slight_smile:

Yeah, strange alright. So users with Elements/Essential still have to pay $150 to upgrade to Artist 6.5, but Cubase LE/AI and Sequel users have only to pay $100 with this new discount?! Before December, the upgrade price was $130. I was thinking the $20 price increase was due to the upcoming release of the new 6.5 version.

A bit screwed up if you ask me, considering the huge gap in functionality between Essential and Sequel/LE/AI.
So the question is: why has the upgrade cost for Essential/Elements not been reduced like all the others?