This'll Change Everything November 14

Now they’re teasing us with this ad on the Steinberg front page :mrgreen:

I suppose this is it…

EDIT: Apologies to UNIFAUN who had already posted on this topic.

And the relation to the latest Cubase releases is what…?

Find out on November 14th?

So wrong forum then…

You don’t know that yet.

This is the forum for the latest release, which is version is 7.06 - whatever that is on the Steinberg page, it is not Cubase 7.06 - so wrong forum…

If you look carefully at the lower right corner of the panel you’re referring to there is what looks like the upper left corner of a cell phone. So I think this has something to do with a cell phone based app.

Just when we figured out how to use what we had

Gosh! We all work for free and the greedy bestids work for money. Shocker!


steinbergs releasing a mobile phone network for free for c7 users !

Or pays my mortgage each month till the next up-grade ships. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
That would be nice.

In my dream?

1 Steinberg will refund the C7 user, after 1 year C7 is still not working as expected on Mac :laughing:
2 Steinberg will make a final stable version of C7 for Macusers, and free 7.5 upgrade :cry:
3 Steinberg will reintroduce C6.5 mixer on C7 option.
4 Steinberg C7 will be 3rd party plugs compatible like C6.5 is.

But Probably:
1 Steinberg will move definitively to iOS and Android products as a control surface for Cubase and Nuendo.
2 Steinberg will integrate more with Yamaha devices to create a closed market as Avid.

Just to be analyst:
in the last 2 years they lost most of the Mac market especially in US, with logic pro at 149USD, who want still use Cubase except me, i don’t know others cubase user in here (LA) at now, for the same reason Nuendo will die on OSX, personally I don’t know someone use Nuendo on Mac at now… investing other resources on OSX is not a good future policy IMHO. Exeption for iOS users, this maker seems to be the next stop.

Lets keep it to one thread: