Those colors ... *sigh*

What did I do wrong to see all those - uhm - PECULIAR colors in NU10? Is it my color scheme, or is it something other users see too?

… e.g. this strange yellow-ish scroll bar in the Control Room Mixer, or that blue-ish main area of the Inspector …? :confused:

The screen-shots below come from a Win7-based system, if that makes any difference.

First world problems, my friend.

First. World. Problems.

Of course they are. But why-oh-why have things to get uglier, after they used to look good for 12, and somewhat ok for another 7 years? I mean - we have at least a dozen of different fonts, half a dozen of different window styles and color schemes, sometimes three ways of graphically presenting the same GUI element in different contexts … it’s not something you enjoy looking at.

Maybe one gets used to it when using nothing but Nuendo, but as a freelancing mixing engineer I work on a quite diverse set of DAWs all the time. Visually, it used to be that cosy “coming-home” feeling back then, it’s more a “uh, ok … 8-/” nowadays.

Yeah I’ve been wondering the same. This light blueish tint propagates throughout the software on my machine, loading bars, text selections etc.
Not seeing the yellow scroll bar on my end however…