i found this little gem on you tube
i was having all sorts of probs getting to grips with automation in c8 pro
now i see the light …

if the owner of this clip is ob this forum then i would love to say …
thank you so much —
if you not a mod … maybe you should be
T :smiley:

Agreed to the painfully slow tutorial.

For some that may be a benefit I suppose. Good basic informative video though. :slight_smile:

kudos for doing the video in another laguage…
he is german and it is not easy to translate on the fly asewll as explaining the tech stuff…
also the slower the better … that way you dont miss things… i now understand more about the annimation in c8 pro thanks to this chap

Making sure you guys know about the speed control built in to Youtube. I ran through it at x2 speed and it went fine in 1/2 the time.

Love that rectangle tool tip at the very end!

Also look at undertow’s post (#45) of this thread

for some more automation tips.

Cool. I never realized the Trim mode worked that way (I just usually loupe-select automation and scale it with the mouse - it’s quite efficient). Also great tip on the square tool.

Long ago I hooked up a key command to “Show All Used Automation” for the selected track(s). Even with the “reveal automation on write” option turned on, this is still a handy command to have access to quickly.