Those posting in the V8 issues forum

Hi All,

I was spending some time this morning reading through the issues forum to get an idea of the status of v8 and to see what would affect me if I was to go to 8. I noticed a lot of threads with no responses.

Are there not many responses happening in that forum or are you finding you have to wait a while for your posts to show up by being approved? It scares me a little TBH. Some of the zero to low response threads are impacting problems.

I want to subscribe to a bunch of threads in that forum to keep an eye on some of the threads by adding a quick post saying so, but the posts have to be approved by a moderator in order for me to see them in “VIEW MY POSTS”. A “*” is added to the thread icon though, but I cannot view my posts through my profile to visit them. A little bit of a pain. I suppose I will have to add bookmarks to my browser and hope the thread url doesn’t change. The posting rules in that forum, while I can see the benefit, is a little stifling.

Just an update. The posts I laid in that forum were approved pretty quickly. It surprised me I didn’t think they were going to let them post because they aren’t a part of the diagnosis. Thanks to the moderator that allowed them to post.