Thoughts about simpler first use and installer design?

Not strictly dorico specific:

I moved to a new apple computer and reinstalled dorico. Before I can actually use dorico I need to install eLicenser, Steinberg Download Assistent, Steinberg Library Manager, Login, Activate, and also download sound libraries. This feels so bulky in comparison to other apps, for example logic x where you can oversee and download sound libraries directly in the app.

  1. Is there a plan to simplify the setup process?

After the activation dorico told me to run Dorico Pro 3.5 Sounds Installer which i hadn’t installed yet and therefore needed to download the steinberg download assistant. That installer design threw my right back to early 2000.

  1. Is there a plan to update the design of these installers (and also eLicenser)? I really like dorico but these other required app designs don’t feel like professional apps used on mac.

Thanks for your feedback, Tim. Certainly we would like to make it as streamlined as possible for users to get up and running with our products, and we have teams dedicated to these areas. I can’t say for sure what kinds of improvements you will see in the future and when you might see them, but it’s something that I expect to be improved in incremental steps as we move forwards.

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