Thoughts about the new smart MIDI import

This is quickly becoming my favorite of the new tools. It took me a while to get my head around it, but after a little practice I now know how it works. However, I ran into a problem when trying to import a file with an A clarinette in it. There is no way to assign it to an A clarinette, just the default Bb. The same is true for all transposing instruments, as the third column in the instrument selection dialog is missing.

I would also appreciate a possibility to filter out tempo and CC messages, as in this particular file they just create a mess and I need to delete them manually afterwards. The tempo markings are particularly annoying and with Dorico 4 I cannot even edit the tempo track.

Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the instrument variants, hopefully it’s not too onerous to make the change in Setup mode after the fact; you could alternatively already have a suitable clarinet instrument in your project and then assign that track to the existing clarinet at import time.

Regarding the tempo and CC messages, that’s interesting to hear, and I’ve made a note of your suggestion to have options to determine whether or not they should be included.